Health – Ingenious Ways to Exercise

A few years back I knew a family that had decided to get completely off the grid. The couple had several young children so the idea of “no power/electricity” was incomprehensible to them. Included in all of the thoughts that ran through their young minds was, “We won’t have a refrigerator” and “What about television?” These young minds were in total shock. It was a good thing that the father had thought out much of these things ahead of time while preparing their new home for occupancy. One of the things he had rigged up was a bicycle hooked up to the television. Anyone who wanted to watch television would need to pedal the bicycle during the whole time. It worked and the family was in great shape; there were also times, more often than not, that the television and bicycle were empty. This lifestyle gave the children more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors in place of sitting and watching television.

What brought this to my memory was the following article which came out recently that talked about a bicycle washing machine which will clean your laundry while you pedal away calories. Of course, this will even strengthen the heart which will strengthen the whole body to the glory of God. The following are some excerpts for your enjoyment and thought.

“… a team of designers at China’s Dalian Nationalities University has developed a device called the Bike Washing Machine, which does exactly what its name implies—namely, it washes clothes using pedal power alone.

“The bike looks like a hybrid between an exercise bike and a washing machine. It’s a stationary bike with one front ‘wheel,’ which contains an ordinary-looking washing machine drum. When you pedal the bike, the drum turns and washes a load of laundry the same way a typical washing machine does.

“Although it is not clear whether the device will shift automatically from wash to rinse mode, it appears that the designers could make it perform that task fairly easily with some sort of timer and valve system.

“It might seem like a gimmicky invention at first glance, but it does make sense, especially for those who live in small apartments where having an exercise bike and a separate washing machine might pose a problem in terms of space. The bike could also be useful to those living in remote areas where electricity is scarce or unavailable.

“Another interesting feature of the Bike Washing Machine is that it can also be used to generate electricity that can be stored in a battery.

“In addition to saving space, washing your clothes and generating electricity, the bike will also help you burn calories and shed pounds while performing those other useful tasks.

“A prototype is now being built, and the team has submitted its design to the website”

Exercise is one of the eight health laws, along with nutrition, water, sunshine, temperance, air, rest and trust in God. These new inventions may lead many back to at least one of these health laws—exercise.

Being creative in your own home and lifestyle may preserve your health so you may enjoy the life God has given to you. Think of ways to keep your body moving such as:

  • Stand up and walk while talking on the phone.
  • Move your arms up, down and around and flex your feet while sitting at your desk.
  • Rise up and down on your toes while washing dishes or cooking meals. Don’t just stand there.

Our bodies were made for movement and we need to keep our blood moving. Hook up an exercise bike to the television so you can move while you are watching or, alternately you might think about getting a rebounder to bounce on while you are watching.

Remember that your eyes also need exercise! Begin to get into the habit of moving your eyes back and forth, up and down, and blink, blink, blink for a few minutes. Do this several times each day.

Your brain also needs some good exercise. Think positively! Our thoughts can change our actions and our attitudes and many times improve our health. Positive thinking and positive activity can rewire your brain and strengthen brain areas that stimulate positive feelings. Every time a negative thought creeps in, retrain your brain to think a positive thought. Give your brain some positive activity. Sing scripture songs. Think on all of the positive things that God has provided. Never dwell on the sad, gloomy or frustrating things. We are told: “… be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind …” (Romans 12:2).

Think positively and be creative in the exercising of your whole body, physically, mentally and spiritually.