Health – Raw is Not New

Eating raw food is not a new idea or a new fad. It is an old idea which has again resurfaced to redirect people to a better way of life by replenishing their diets with raw along with cooked. It really is a forgotten art. Let’s look at a little bit of history.

As early as World War I, leaders in the field of nutrition were unearthing the dangers of processed and packaged foods as well as the powers of raw foods. During that time, a German food scientist named Werner Kollath conducted a test of a processed food diet on lab animals. On the outside, these animals looked relatively healthy, but as they grew older, they developed a number of health complications. Further, it was found upon performing an autopsy after their death that their insides were filled with disease. At the time, there weren’t any available vitamins to give sickly animals for them to regain their health. What Kollath found instead was that a diet filled with leafy greens, vegetables and cereal germs – all enzyme-rich raw foods – helped them return to their normal levels of health, explained Dr. Donaldson.”

“Enzyme-rich raw foods helped them regain their health.”

“Later, physician Max Bircher-Benner found the answer in living foods through his own illness. He eventually opened a clinic in Zurich, Switzerland, that helped heal a number of individuals with whole, raw food – one of the first of its kind. Dr. Max Gerson was another physician who experienced his own ailments, primarily migraines. After trying several different diets, he found that the living food diet, derived from that of monkeys, worked to alleviate their severe headaches. He then found that these raw foods could help a number of other diseases, including cancer.

“Another man who accidently discovered the power of a raw food diet was Norman Walker, who found the answer in juicing: Fresh carrot juice and a living diet helped Norman overcome his nervous breakdown. Meanwhile, a woman named Ann Wigmore took what she learned from her grandmother’s natural treatments during WWI and began eating grass and flowers when she developed gangrene. She was soon healed. In her mission to find the best grasses for health, Wigmore would go on to promote cereal grass and wheat grass.”

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There are many other writers who also agree that including more raw foods for nourishment and health into our diet would be a great idea. Many already know that eating processed and cooked foods for most of their diet is not the best for their health. It is not strengthening to the immune system because most of the vitamins and minerals have been cooked to death and being devoid of nutrition are no longer of use to the body. Processed foods purchased in stores truly have been processed to death.

The main object of healthy eating is to keep our bodies in tip-top shape for the Lord’s service. So why not build up your immune system and do your part to restore and prolong your health. In this way you will give glory to God by the choices you make in what you eat.

Onward Christian Soldiers!