I’m so homesick now for heaven.

This place is not my home.

My heart’s no longer in this world,

No matter where I roam.

I’m sick and tired of this old realm

Its riches have lost their glitter.

The things that once attracted me,

For me are only bitter.

For I have seen a better place,

No longer wracked with pain.

Where those we love who’re sleeping now,

We will see again.

Love and beauty reigneth there,

For it’s indeed a glorious land.

There our Savior will greet each one

With His precious hand.

Hang on, my fellow warrior.

The battle’s almost won.

Our Captain says the victory’s sure.

Soon He’ll say, “It’s done.”

Then we’ll hear the mighty trumpet blow

Until the clouds will burst.

We’ll see Him sitting on His throne,

For whom our souls did thirst.

Oh, sing a song of happiness,

O boundless jubilation.

For tears give way to ecstasy

In glorious transformation.

-Vern Shafer