Keys to the Storehouse – Exercising the Faith Muscle

In your attempt to be strong, are you exercising the right muscle? In the spiritual realm we are to exercise the courage of faith. As the muscles in our bodies need to be exercised, so our spiritual muscles are to be exercised, specifically our “ faith muscle ” and not our “doubt muscle.”

  1. When surrounded by an enemy army, numberless as the sands of the sea, Gideon’s army of 300 shouted, “The sword of the Lord, and of Gideon” (Judges 7:18, 20). The faith muscle was exercised.
  2. Joshua’s men shouted victory against walls absolutely impregnable (see Joshua 6). Again, the faith muscle was exercised.
  3. Paul and Silas, chained in the prison, sang faith at the midnight hour, and were immediately delivered (see Acts 16). The faith muscle was exercised.
  4. Spies were sent into the land of Canaan and ten came home talking doubt. They exercised the wrong muscle, the “doubt muscle” instead of the “faith muscle” and they perished. The two remaining spies that exercised their “faith muscle” received the fulfillment of God’s promise (see Numbers chapters 13, 14).

God works through and rewards those who exercise the “faith muscle.” Faith will never increase unless it is put to the test, so “exercise! exercise! exercise!”

“We dishonor God when we do not go forth from the dark cellar of doubts into the upper chamber of hope and faith. When the Light shineth in all its brightness,

  • let us take hold on Jesus Christ by the mighty hand of faith. [Exercise that faith muscle.]
  • No longer cultivate your doubts by expressing them and pouring them into other minds, and thus becoming an agent of Satan to sow the seeds of doubt. [Refuse to exercise that doubt muscle.]
  • Talk faith, live faith, cultivate love to God; evidence to the world all that Jesus is to you. Magnify His holy name. Tell of His goodness; talk of His mercy; and tell of His power.” Christ Triumphant, 127.
  • Exercise that “faith muscle”—sing faith and talk faith—let it swell!

“You have to talk faith, you have to live faith, you have to act faith, that you may have an increase of faith. Exercising that living faith, you will grow to strong men and women in Christ Jesus.” Faith and Works, 78.

Don’t use that doubt muscle. “The more you dwell upon discouragement, talking to others about your trials and enlarging upon them, to enlist the sympathy which you crave, the more discouragements and trials you will have. Why mourn over that which you cannot avoid?” In Heavenly Places, 247.

Those who talk faith and cultivate faith will have a strong faith muscle. Those who cherish and express doubts will have a strong doubt muscle. Which muscle group are you strengthening? Your actions and words will answer that question.

Look away from circumstances and look to God (II Corinthians 4:18). Daily exercise that faith muscle!

We are told: “He will teach them to exercise the courage of faith. He will make them strong by uniting their weakness to His might, wise by connecting their ignorance with His wisdom.” The Signs of the Times, June 23, 1881.

Father: I am astounded at how You were able to work through the faith that was exercised by Gideon, Joshua, Paul, Silas and many more. My faith muscle is in need of a lot more exercise. Teach me to exercise the courage of faith by uniting my weakness to Your might. Inspire me to talk, live and act faith. I want my “doubt muscle” to shrink and my “faith muscle” to grow in leaps and bounds. Amen.