Keys to the Storehouse – New Homes

It is sad what the Lord could not fulfill because of sin, but He has opened the door wide through Jesus Christ to a future that is indescribable.

What would have been if there had been no sin

“The home of our first parents was to be a pattern for other homes as their children should go forth to occupy the earth. … The blue heavens were its dome; the earth, with its delicate flowers and carpet of living green, was its floor; and the leafy branches of the goodly trees were its canopy. Its walls were hung with the most magnificent adornings—the handiwork of the great Master Artist. In the surroundings of the holy pair was a lesson for all time—that true happiness is found, not in the indulgence of pride and luxury, but in communion with God through His created works. If men would give less attention to the artificial, and would cultivate greater simplicity, they would come far nearer to answering the purpose of God in their creation. Pride and ambition are never satisfied, but those who are truly wise will find substantial and elevating pleasure in the sources of enjoyment that God has placed within the reach of all.” Patriarchs and Prophets, 49.

Our future if we are faithful

“With Jesus at our head we all descended from the city down to this earth, on a great and mighty mountain, which could not bear Jesus up, and it parted asunder, and there was a mighty plain. Then we looked up and saw the great city, with twelve foundations and twelve gates, three on each side, and an angel at each gate. We all cried out, ‘The city, the great city, it’s coming, it’s coming down from God out of heaven!’ And it came and settled on the place where we stood. Then we began to look at the glorious things outside of the city.

  • There I saw most glorious houses, that had the appearance of silver, supported by four pillars set with pearls most glorious to behold.
  • These were to be inhabited by the saints.
  • In each was a golden shelf. I saw many of the saints go into the houses, take off their glittering crowns and lay them on the shelf,
  • then go out into the field by the houses to do something with the earth; not as we have to do with the earth here—no, no. A glorious light shone all about their heads, and they were continually shouting and offering praises to God.” The Adventist Home, 546.

What God has prepared for us we just cannot imagine! We all must be faithful in the little things of this life and not get so caught up in the material things of this world that we lose out on eternal life. What a terrible loss it would be not to get to enjoy the miracle of eternal life in homes that will never rot.

Heavenly Father: You have prepared for me a mansion on land that will never fail. Help me not to collect the baubles of this world or get sidetracked by the devil’s temptations to indulge in worldly luxuries that will be burned up when You appear. Oh Lord, keep my eyes turned to Thee and let nothing of this world turn them away from our heavenly future. Remind me always that I am a sojourner here and my home is with Thee, in heavenly places! Amen.