Keys to the Storehouse – Two Precious Miracles

Sight is a gift that God has bestowed upon man. Each has been blessed with two eyes to see and appreciate the wonders of His creation. Satan loves to use these two most precious miracles to pervert our conception of God. For the majority of the time we are surrounded by distractions carefully designed to keep us under his control, “for out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies.” Matthew 15:19. Does the glitter and sparkle of this world attract your attention so much that you are drawn in and allow your eyes to be fixed on those things that Satan has designed to defile and corrupt your heart and mind? Sincere prayer is needed for that eyesalve which gives the spiritual discernment to see the deceptions of the devil. Once our eyes have been healed and opened through Jesus Christ our Savior, those things that once attracted our attention will be distasteful and we will refuse to open the door of our eyesight to the entire world with its foibles or character flaws. The eyes are one of the avenues to the soul of man and much caution is required for their protection.

It must always be remembered that the devil wants our eyes to be attracted to this world in such a way as to cause our whole body and mind, which is the temple of God, to be poisoned. David said, “I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes.” Psalm 101:3. This principle treasured in each heart and practiced daily will guard the eyes and protect the soul.

Exercise good judgment in selecting reading material or watching that which will properly nourish the soul with heavenly food so that our talents can be used to give glory to God. “I hope you will take special care of your eyes, for they are a great treasure. We can lose a limb, but if we have our eyesight, we can still find something with which to employ our time. But to lose the sight is a dreadful loss.

“The Lord is good to me, very good. He has preserved my health and strength, and even though I am seventy-eight years of age, I can still rise before day, and write for hours before breakfast. My eyes trouble me somewhat if I take cold, but if I am careful; I can do a great deal of work.

“Mabel, do not devote the precious talent of sight to reading that which you cannot use, and will not benefit you. The life of the soul cannot be sustained unless right food is given it. The mind must be properly fed.” Manuscript Releases, vol. 3, 135.

Remember today that our minds must be properly fed. The voluminous hay and straw which the devil continually presents will only harm and eventually destroy the temple of God. This is exactly what the devil would have happen.

Pray each day:

“Lord, I choose right now to set no thing before my eyes that will pull my heart earthward or that would waste the precious moments you have given me this day to reflect your character. I appreciate so much this precious talent of sight and I do not want to use it in any way that would give glory to the devil, but in ways that will result in heavenly beams shining to all around me.” Amen.