Keys to the Storehouse – Work While You Wait

While meditating, a startling thought passed through my mind. What if I do not make it into eternity? Terrible loss! I found this quote that says, “Futures not achieved are only branches of the past: dead branches.” (By Italo Calvino) Our future to achieve is eternity! I began to pray more for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. I thought that all I needed was the refreshing of the Holy Spirit and I would be just fine. Wrong! There is much more.

“I was shown that if God’s people make no efforts on their part, but wait for the refreshing to come upon them and remove their wrongs and correct their errors; if they depend upon that to cleanse them from filthiness of the flesh and spirit, and fit them to engage in the loud cry of the third angel, they will be found wanting. The refreshing or power of God comes only on those who have prepared themselves for it by doing the work which God bids them, namely, cleansing themselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.” Testimonies, vol. 1, 619.

Wow. That was quite a reading! My thinking was wrong—I was really in shock! I have to do something!

Neglecting the preparation? “I saw that many were neglecting the preparation so needful and were looking to the time of ‘refreshing’and the ‘latter rain’ to fit them to stand in the day of the Lord and to live in His sight. Oh, how many I saw in the time of trouble without a shelter!

  • They had neglected the needful preparation; therefore they could not receive the refreshing that all must have to fit them to live in the sight of a holy God.
  • Those who refuse to be hewed by the prophets and fail to purify their souls in obeying the whole truth, and who are willing to believe that their condition is far better than it really is, will come up to the time of the falling of the plagues, and then see that they needed to be hewed and squared for the building.

“But there will be no time then to do it and no Mediator to plead their cause before the Father. …

  • I saw that none could share the ‘refreshing’ unless they obtain the victory over every besetment, over pride, selfishness, love of the world, and over every wrong word and action.

“We should, therefore, be drawing nearer and nearer to the Lord and be earnestly seeking that preparation necessary to enable us to stand in the battle in the day of the Lord. Let all remember that God is holy and that none but holy beings can ever dwell in His presence.” Early Writings, 71.


Our Father! Give us the victory over pride, selfishness, love of the world that we may receive the latter rain—the refreshing of the Lord, and be ready to dwell in Thy presence. Please forgive us for “just waiting” when we truly have a work to do to prepare for the heavenly courts. Have mercy on us for our slothfulness and grant us of Thy grace continually to not just wait but to overcome this world. We do not want to be dead branches. Amen.