Keys to the Storehouse – You!

You are very special! Jesus loves you and He loves me. Jesus died for you and He died for me. When I first began studying the Bible, I would look around and think that if these nice people knew my past they would not be so nice to me. I was wrong to think that, because it is Jesus who died that you and I may have life and have it more abundantly. We are to look up at all times and not around at others. Remember, you are loved by God Himself and He gave His only Son for you.

“In this 23rd Psalm Jesus, the Good Shepherd is doing the anointing. It tells of the high esteem with which He holds you.

  • You are ‘the apple of His eye,’
  • You are the one for whom He was willing to pay such a price to redeem.
  • You are the one to sit down with Him on His throne.
  • You are a joint heir with the King of Kings.
  • You are greatly beloved!

“Never question it, never doubt it. Think of it often, talk of His love for you. If, as several have said to me, ‘I am concerned that I don’t love Him more. How can I?’ I tell them ‘don’t worry now about your lack of love for Him but think of how much He loves you, and love will in time beget love.’ Though there are over two billion people in the world, He loves you as though you were the only one. You are special to Him.

“A young American college woman was troubled about God being interested in her when there were so many hundreds of millions more important. She came to her pastor with the query, ‘How can I believe that God is interested in me? There are two billion persons in the world, and He must be far too busy to think of one little atom like me.’ Whereupon the minister asked the girl to extend her hand. ‘Look at your fingers,’ he said, ‘Examine the lines. There are no others like them in all the world. You are handmade. Even your fingertips have had special attention from God.’ As the girl’s mind took hold of the idea, a great peace filled her soul, and, with a radiance in her face that was beautiful to behold, she exclaimed: ‘After this, when I grow doubtful, I will look at my “hand-carved” finger tips. They will prove to me that God is still interested in me, individually and personally.’ ” The Lord is My Shepherd, J.L. Tucker, 32, 33.

Heavenly Father:
Thank You for the personalized hands that You prepared for me and that nobody can imitate. Help me to realize more and more how special I am to You and that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Help me to reflect Your character every moment that all minds around me will be drawn heavenward to You and they also may see the love You have for them. Amen.