Reporting from Ghana, West Africa – Why Don’t You Study for Yourself?

Since the inception of Steps to Life, on February 18, 1996 in Ghana, it has been a witness of the outpouring of God’s blessing on a continent of those hungering and thirsting for spiritual food. The office has not only been a place where God’s work is sent to unknown students , but prayers are offered to God on behalf of the students , people are counseled and outreach programs are planned.

Prior to the commencement of the Steps to Life Bible Correspondence School, national newspapers carried advertisements about the school, explaining what the school is about and reinforcement to encourage faithful returns of lessons. People enrolled in mass, and some even enrolled their friends and relatives. Others wrote specifically for prayers to overcome spiritual problems.

The Crew

We have a seven man team who work conscientiously together to ensure that souls are saved. The Director, Joseph Class-Peters, oversees the day to day running of the school. He makes sure nothing impedes or derails the mailing of letters, and he also plans the outreach program.

Gabriel Brew is an astute accountant. He denied worldly gains in order to serve God. He is the financial operator, and works on the word processor. He is assisted by Agnes Class-Peters, a constant voluntary worker at the office.

Pastor Nolly Okoroji is in charge of mailing, registering and filing the students records for easy access from the vault. He is assisted by James Andoh, who does the mailings on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Ben Asherow also works in the mail room to ease the burden of work.

Pastor Chunks Iheme assists the Director in the marking and evaluation of the returned lessons. They answer questions and record prayer requests as well as grading the lessons.

Team Work

When the letters are received, they are sent to the mailing room, where they are sorted, registered and grouped into regions. The registered names and addresses are passed to the machine room where they are typed and sent back to the mailing room for lessons to be organized and dispatched.

The second stage involves the returned lessons. Files are opened for returned lessons one and two. Next the lessons are graded, and questions answered. An average of 150–200 lessons are marked per week. The graded lessons are sent back to the machine room for the next lessons to be assembled and mailed.

Records Broken

It is incredible to note that within four months of existence, we have had a tremendous response. We have received more than 5,000 letters. Over 4,015 lessons have been sent out. Many of our students have answered lessons 14 and 15, which discuss the Sabbath, and have decided for the truth. We shall commence visiting our students to register their response and encourage them.

Africa is on fire for the Lord! Help us praise the Lord. This week we shall run our second advertisement, for the next quarter. We are expecting a gigantic response from the populace.

Aiding the Historic SDA Church in Ghana

Steps to Life in Africa is working with Historic SDA Churches here. We are unrelenting in our efforts and undaunted by circumstances to ensure that the Three Angels’ Messages are proclaimed. We support and compliment the roles of these churches in fulfilling our dream.

Brethren, we need your prayers and support.