Reporting from Montana, USA – We Can Go Forward

Montana Missions with Bob Vun Kannon is actively engaged in spreading the messages of the three angels into Satan’s strongholds of darkness. The meeting room in the public library of Kalispell, Montana is being used to give these messages in the form of Bible studies and Bible seminars. At our first series of Bible studies 100 percent of the non-Adventists who attended accepted the seventh-day Sabbath. When we Adventists go to work God can and does bless our feeble efforts.

Five-day stop smoking programs are being held up and down the Flathead Lake from Kalispell to Polson. The five-day plan ends with a vegetarian banquet and an information card giving the people the opportunity to indicate an interest in vegetarian cooking classes, Bible studies, or Bible seminars. People are also being drawn to these seminars by organized distribution of the Silent Messenger flyers and by newspaper advertisements. The Silent Messenger is a series of five flyers which end in an invitation to a Bible seminar (or other activity). Passing out these flyers is a non-confrontational way of leading non-Adventists into the Three Angels’ Messages. The flyers contain basic, Christian messages from the first four chapters of Steps to Christ. What makes the program work is the follow-up activity, such as Daniel or Revelation seminars or Bible studies. Masters for printing of the Silent Messenger flyers, customized with your own address or logo, are available from Montana Missions.

Montana Missions is also actively engaged in helping to spread the message in the former Soviet Union. Bob has been very active in helping to promote the translation of the Spirit of Prophecy into Russian (about 40 volumes translated to date by brethren in the former U.S.S.R.) and to establishing an underground press there, which is expected to be operational late this summer. Steps to Life and Bob worked together to distribute 6000 volumes of Sister White’s books to Adventist leaders in the Ukraine.

Bob also helps historic Adventists of the English language persuasion by producing and selling Whitespeed, the fastest and most comprehensive computer concordance to the Spirit of Prophecy available. Montana Missions publishes the Montana Missions Report, a monthly newsletter designed to feed, encourage, and stimulate historic Adventists. Montana Missions also holds monthly meetings in the Kalispell-Proctor area, with interesting guest speakers for historic Seventh-day Adventists.

When we go to work God can and will bless our efforts.