Good news is always welcome and so it is a delight to share with you a follow-up report on an article that was published in the October issue of Historic Adventist Landmarks. Since that article, “The Leaves of Autumn,” was printed, faithful Adventists in thirty-two states and six foreign countries have requested tracts as a way of sharing the three angels’ messages. This is exciting news because if we Historic Adventists do not reach out to others with the good news, we face the deadly peril that inactivity brings.

The Saviour’s denunciation of the fruitless fig tree is a warning to all who claim to be Christians, and yet remain in blind unbelief…. “the words spoken to the fig tree are applicable to all whose lives, though pretentious, are fruitless. The tree may have every indication of prosperity, but the Lord takes not its luxuriant foliage as an evidence of fruitfulness. His search for the fruit which alone makes the tree of value is close and critical. How is it with us? Can we bear the search made by him who never makes a mistake, or do we bear only the leaves of profession? Profession is nothing if it is only a mask to spiritual barrenness.” Youth’s Instructor, July 31, 1902

The first love experience of every true, new Christian is outreach. On the second Sabbath of February of this year, we welcomed a lovely family of three to our church who had been reached by the tract work. They have now become vegetarians and have discontinued the use of tobacco, coffee, and alcohol. We have found that very typically those who have just been introduced to the truth immediately begin to radiate their newfound knowledge and love for Jesus to their relatives and acquaintances. A question for each of us to ponder is, How alive is that first love in our own experience?

The Lord has continued to bless through Bible studies, tracts, and other literature. A young man recently joined one of the studies and asked how we could be sure that the Bible was not just a book written by men. We were studying Daniel 7 that evening. After seeing the historical fulfillment of these prophecies in detail, including the 1260 years of papal reign, he exclaimed, “He hit the nail right on the head every time!” I then asked if he still had any question as to who authored the Bible, and he replied, “No way! This book is inspired by God!” One week later he joined us again. At the end of that session he announced that he was going to quit smoking, a subject that we had not raised. He also promised to return the following week.

Have you ever experienced the thrill of having someone come running through the snow in below zero weather, without hat, gloves, coat, or even shoes, to get a tract? I have. She told me, “These tracts just make my week!” Currently, as a result of tract work, I have four weekly Bible studies scheduled with non-Adventists.

A young mother, living about three miles from our church building, received a piece of literature about the seventh-day Sabbath. After checking it out in the Bible, she, along with her small daughter, got a one-way ride the following Sabbath and joined us for services. Regarding the Sabbath she said, “If that is what the Lord wants me to do, I am going to do it.” During the course of this last week, she has broken her caffeine addiction and is preparing to deal with cigarettes.

Call Steps to Life at 1-316-788-5559 if you are interested in obtaining witnessing tracts of your own to share with others.

The End