LandMarks Magazine Contents

1997 December

Editorial — This Man has a Devil, part 2

Jesus was considered to be possessed of a demon by earthly relatives and the Apostle Paul was considered insane and thought to be serving the devil. Why?

Examination of the Books

The existence of records, or books, in heaven, and their use in the judgment, is plainly revealed. "The judgment was set, and the books were opened."

Proper Christian Dress

The dress issue is going to take many to hell. We need to ask when we go shopping, "Am I buying these clothes to glorify the name of the Lord Jesus?"

The Great Feasts of the Bible — The Harvest Feast

The third feast, which is called the Feast of the Harvest, was to portray the glorious celebration that will soon take place.

The Regular Lines — God’s Work Revived

God calls for a revival and a reformation. The "regular lines" have not done the work which God desires to see accomplished. Let revival reformation make constant changes.

Children’s Story — The Little Latchkey

It was March and midnight. The air was full of driving sleet, and the streets were vacant. Here is the start of a story about a little latchkey.

The Historic Adventist Church Movement in the Philippines

The leading brethren, who started the revival and reformation, were not trying to separate from the established church or start a new one, they were just trying to help people draw closer to Jesus.

Food for Life — Christmas Season

Youth should not be left on Christmas to find their own amusement in vanity and pleasure seeking, in things which will be detrimental to their spirituality.

The Sabbath Sunday Issue, part 2

Prayer, with living faith, now sleeps among us. That which is called praying morning and evening, according to custom, is not always fervent, and effectual.

On the Edge

God gave these people the power of choice and they could have rejected the report of the ten spies and sought God for further counsel.

Lessons on Reformation, part 2

The great Second Advent Movement was raised up by the Lord for the purpose of proclaiming to the world the full Three Angel's Messages.

All Bible texts, unless appearing in quoted references or otherwise identified, are from the New King James Version.