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2005 July

Editorial – Types and Shadows, Part II

The ceremonial ordinances, whether new moons, feast days, or yearly sabbaths (these yearly sabbaths were “beside the sabbaths of the Lord,” Leviticus 23:4–38), were all shadows of things to come,

The Seven Churches, Part X: The Church of Philadelphia

In essence, the message to the church of Philadelphia, in Revelation 3, is, “I am Holy, therefore you shall be holy.”

The Man Who Would Not Give Up, Part II

Jeremiah 30:5–7, we read, “...Because that day is great, so there is none like it; it is even the time of Jacob’s trouble, But he will be saved out of it.’ ”

Sitting with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

Someday soon, Jesus and all of His angels will come to this earth. He is coming for those who have had the living faith of Abraham, the sacrificial obedience of Isaac,...

Peter’s Counsel to Parents, Part VII: A Godly Example in the Home

There are few parents who realize how important it is to give to their children the influence of a godly example. Yet this is far more potent than precept. No other means is so effective in training them in right lines.

The Ten Commandments, Part II: No Other Gods

The first commandment, which says, “Thou shalt not have any other gods before Me,” had its application to Israel as they were traveling from Egypt to Canaan, but it also has application to the church today.

Children’s Corner: Three in a Row, Part II

Hiram, Nettie, and Tony reluctantly left the bedside of their sick mother and, taking their small boxes of mineral “speciments,” made their way to the train station,...

Restoring the Temple – Diet in Childhood

Parents should train the appetites of their children, and should not permit the use of unwholesome foods. But in the effort to regulate the diet, we should be careful not to err in requiring children to eat that which is distasteful, or to eat more than is needed.

Nature Nugget – Bird Migration

One of the more famous examples of bird migration involves the return of the swallows of Capistrano. Every year, around March 19, Cliff Swallows return to nest at the Mission San Juan Capistrano in Capistrano, California.

The Pen of Inspiration – Called to the Wedding Feast

He is coming to receive us, we may enter in to the wedding feast with Him, that where He is there we may be also. If we turn away from those calls and invitations, what will be the consequence?

Ask the Pastor – Eye to Eye

Question: What is the meaning of the expression, in Isaiah 52:8, “They shall see eye to eye”?

Food for Life – Donna’s Peppermint Slice

“We don’t make the health reform an iron bedstead, cutting people off or stretching them out to fit it. One person cannot be a standard for everybody else. What we want is a little sprinkling of good common sense. Don’t be extremists. If you err, it would be better to err on the side of ... Read more

Bible Study Guides – The Time of Trouble, Part IV – The First Four Plagues and Jacob’s Trouble

July 31, 2005 - August 6, 2005 - What time frame is specified as to when these four plagues will begin to fall? Revelation 19:1, 2; 15:1.

Bible Study Guides – God’s People Delivered, Part 1 – Certain Time Set to Slay the Saints

August 7, 2005 - August 13, 2005 - At what point in time does God deliver His people? For Old Testament type, see Exodus 11:1–10; 12:29–31.

Bible Study Guides – God’s People Delivered, Part 11 – Events Related to the Second Coming of Jesus

August 14, 2005 - August 20, 2005 - Where do men desire to hide during this time of destruction, during the seventh plague? Revelation 6:15–17; Isaiah 2:10–12, 20, 21.

Bible Study Guides – God’s People Delivered, Part 111 – The Fall of Babylon (The Sixth Plague)

August 21, 2005 - August 27, 2005 - The message of Revelation 14, announcing the fall of Babylon must apply to religious bodies that were once pure and have become corrupt.

All Bible texts, unless appearing in quoted references or otherwise identified, are from the New King James Version.