LandMarks Magazine Contents

1995 March

Editorial – Our Need of Superior Wisdom

In writing to some Seventh-day Adventist leaders, Ellen White once said, "They thought they were too wise to be taught, and too secure to need caution..."

Growing Beautiful Leaves

It is necessary that we be fruit inspectors once in awhile. We must examine our own lives. We must pull back the leaves and see what is growing on the tree.

Children’s Story – Prayer for the Pirates

Though poorly equipped for defense, all hands on the Britannia were called to prepare to resist the menacing pirates.

Food for Life – More this Month About Sugar

It is better to let sweet things alone. Let alone those sweet dessert dishes that are placed on the table. You do not need them. You want a clear mind to think after God’s order.

This is a Hard Saying

There are many messages that seem hard to listen to. It is far better, however, to hear a hard message right now while there is opportunity to turn around

This Man Receiveth Sinners

Jesus was willing to endure the pain of associating with sinners, because He wanted to save them, but the Pharisees were indifferent and had no sympathy.

Getting Out of a Bad Marriage, part 1

The Spirit never yields to the flesh, and the flesh never gets converted. The flesh will be of the nature of sin until our bodies are changed at the coming of the Lord.

What Inspiration Says About Fiction

What is the standpoint taken by inspiration as to the reading of fiction in Christian homes? Ellen White leaves no room for misunderstanding on this topic.

The Father As Judge, part 2

In this exhaustive study by J.N. Andrews, the judgment is thoroughly explained in detail.

Martin Luther, part IV – Melancthon Reformed

A continuation of the experience of Martin Luther in his discovery of bible truth and the rejection of it by the established church of his day.

All Bible texts, unless appearing in quoted references or otherwise identified, are from the New King James Version.