LandMarks Magazine Contents

1997 May

Editorial — Can You See the Dividing Line?

God has drawn a separating line and the devil is constantly at work to blur the separating line and get God’s professed people to overstep the line.

The Shadow of the Stanton Controversy, part 2

When apostasy is in the organization, does God require those who are faithful to truth to stay within that framework? Is separation from wrongdoing, sinful?

Rooted and Grounded

We can never say, “I am rooted and grounded.” We have to constantly send our roots down deeper. There is danger of having a superficial experience.

Letter from Papua New Guinea

As a result of the assault, many church members will question leaders of God’s church and many will join the ranks of laymen who are preaching the truth.

Letter from Secretariat, General Conference of Seventh day Adventists

The trouble began when a group of independent Adventists, without any authority from the Church, ordained two of their number to the gospel ministry.

Is There Hope For Unity?

There will be unity among God’s true and faithful, and at the same time division because of those who will not come into line.

Evil Surmising Versus Reproof in the Spirit of Prophecy

That which Satan plants in the heart envy, jealousy, evil surmising, evil speaking, impatience, prejudice, and selfishness must be uprooted.

Apostasy, Why It Must Be Exposed

The majority which claim to be Adventists are actually and factually defending apostasy, knowingly or unknowingly, both in word and action.

The Church In the Wilderness, Part 3

The Waldenses stand apart and alone in the Christian world. Their place on the surface of Europe is unique; their position in history is not less unique.

Food for Life — Nature Is The Place For Mankind

We may look up through nature, to nature's glorious God, and, as we read his love to man in nature, we may become cheerful, thankful, pure, and holy.

Children’s Story — Mother’s Day Disaster

It was a bright, sunny morning in mid May. Kelley jumped out of bed in excitement. Today was Mother’s Day, and she had big plans!

Who Is Master of Your Church?

If anyone sins, they are not the servant of God. They are the servant of sin. Jesus taught us that no man can serve two masters.

All Bible texts, unless appearing in quoted references or otherwise identified, are from the New King James Version.