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2016 September

Editorial – The Devil’s Fatal Sophistry

The devil has a fatal sophistry which is believed today by millions of Christians. If you accept this belief, you will lose your soul and suffer eternal death.

Drinking the Cup of Trembling

God’s people will actually drink of a cup. I call it the cup of trembling for when Jesus took it He trembled. God’s people are going to drink the cup first.

The Dragon Pursues the Woman

There are many more texts ... that give evidence of Satan’s ruthless attack.... His pursuit of the woman continued for centuries ...


I invite you to come with me and join our Lord with His disciples as they walked through the streets of old Jerusalem on their way to the Garden of Gethsemane.

Current Events – Can Christianity Save China?

The growth of Christianity in China has been astonishing. At this point, it’s no longer a question of if China will become a Christian nation, but when.

Keys to the Storehouse – Insight – Contradictions

A list of what seem contradictions in the life that Christ lived here on earth versus his life before. He endured these contradictions to save the human race.

Inspiration – Entering the Strait Gate

Striving to enter in at the strait gate means that we give the subject of the future life our first attention. We are to cut away from every hindrance that would prevent our entering into the strait gate.

Question & answer – Who are the two witnesses in Revelation 11:3, 4?

The two witnesses represent the Scriptures of the Old and the New Testament. Both are important testimonies to the origin and perpetuity of the law of God.

Health – Then and Now Processed Foods

It would be a good idea to increase the amount of real, unprocessed foods into our diets and remove much of the over-processed foods which are not nourishing to our bodies.

Sermon on the Mount Series – Right Seems Strange

Some people are persecuted because of their wrong-doing and ..., others are persecuted because they have done what is right, which sounds strange.

Children’s Story – The Talking Buffalo

After this the buffalo went away, and the farmer, astonished beyond description, ran back to his village and excitedly told his family and his neighbors about this strange experience with a talking buffalo!

Food – Watermelon

"Watermelon is an excellent fruit that effectively hydrates, detoxifies, and cleanses the entire body. It is rich in vitamins A and C as well as lycopene, beta-carotene,..."

Recipe – Three Melon Salad

  ½ watermelon, cubed 3 Tbsp. mint leaves, torn ½ cantaloupe, cubed ¼ tsp. grated lime peel ½ honeydew, cubed Juice of 1 lime Halve melons; scrape out seeds of cantaloupe and honeydew. Cut melon halves into slices and cube, cutting away rinds. Place fruit in serving bowl. Add mint leaves and lime; stir to ... Read more

Bible Study Guides – God’s Love for You

September 25, 2016 - October 1, 2016-"We should keep in our thoughts every blessing we receive from God, and when we realize His great love we should be willing to trust everything to the hand that was nailed to the cross for us.”

Bible Study Guides – God’s Kingdom Challenged

October 2, 2016 - October 8, 2016-“The law of love being the foundation of the government of God, the happiness of all created beings depended upon their perfect accord with its great principles of righteousness."

Bible Study Guides – Heirs of the Kingdom

October 9, 2016 - October 15, 2016-“Not by the decisions of courts or councils or legislative assemblies, not by the patronage of worldly great men, is the kingdom of Christ established, but by the implanting of Christ’s nature in humanity through the work of the Holy Spirit.”

Bible Study Guides – Promises Fulfilled

October 16, 2016 - October 22, 2016-"All His promises are made upon condition of faith and obedience, and a failure to comply with His commands cuts off the fulfillment to us of the rich provisions of the Scriptures.”

Bible Study Guides – The Mystery of Iniquity

October 23, 2016 - October 29, 2016- “Early in the history of the church the mystery of iniquity foretold by the apostle Paul began its baleful work; and as the false teachers concerning whom Peter had warned the believers, urged their heresies, many were ensnared by false doctrines.”

All Bible texts, unless appearing in quoted references or otherwise identified, are from the New King James Version.