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2017 September

Editorial – The Royal Family – Ephesians 3:15

The family of heaven and the family of earth are one.

Themes of First Peter

In a world hostile to Christians Peter's letter counsels and comforts the believers by stressing the reality of their living hope in the Lord.

Biblical Lifestyles

God gave us a diet in the beginning of what we are supposed to eat. Adding exercise, rest and trust in God we see four of the eight natural doctors. Putting these things together synergistically builds a power of health.

Sin and Satan – Why Permitted

This cry has for thousands of years gone up from the lips of a multitude of sufferers and is a source of great perplexity. God has the power to destroy sin and Satan, so why does He permit him to continue?

How to Strengthen Faith

Biblical faith-strengthening principles to experience wonderful answers in exercising the faith that God has given to you.

Pen of Inspiration – Hindering the Gospel Seed

Those who do not follow true Christian principles, whose natural and cultivated tendencies to wrong have not been changed by the grace of God, have no root in themselves; and therefore they lose the interest which they once felt in the truth.

Keys to the Storehouse – All Things Considered

Let us ever remember that the Lord, who gave His life for us, is watching with intense interest our course of life, and that angels are witnessing our ways.

Current Events – 2017: Catholics and Protestants to Commemorate Reformation Anniversary

Luther and many other reformers embraced the idea that the Papacy is the antichrist. Many Protestant denominations used to believe this.

Question & Answer: How was Matthew 16:28 fulfilled?

Upon the mount the future kingdom of glory was represented in miniature—Christ the King, Moses a representative of the risen saints, and Elijah of the translated ones.

Health – Moderation and the Jewels of Health

Everybody longs to possess the priceless necklace of health. Many fail to obtain it because they do not realize that it is a treasure of separate jewels, every one of which must be faithfully earned and carefully guarded on the silken string.

Life Sketches – The Only Way

The promises of salvation given to Abraham by God are all conditional on obedience. The Jews are in need of the gospel just like all the rest of us and can be saved.

Children’s Story – Mr. Rui’s Sabbath

After the sun sets on the evening after Sabbath, he puts up a sign that says, “First day of the market.” Sunday evening he puts up another sign: “Second day of the market”;

Food – Soup’s On!

Perhaps the simplest and most delicious way to incorporate generous amounts of health-promoting nutrient-dense vegetables in your daily meals is in a soup.

Recipe – Creamy Tomato Bisque Soup

Creamy Tomato Bisque Soup

Bible Study Guides – Insights from the Book of Isaiah (1) — The State of the Vineyard

October 1 – 7, 2017 - Insights from the Book of Isaiah (1) -- The State of the Vineyard

Bible Study Guides – Insights from the Book of Isaiah (1) — Ripe for Reformation

October 8 – 14, 2017 - By their apostasy and rebellion those who should have been standing as light bearers among the nations were inviting the judgments of God. Many of the evils which were hastening the swift destruction of the northern kingdom, and which had recently been denounced in unmistakable terms by Hosea and ... Read more

Bible Study Guides – Insights from the Book of Isaiah (1) — Facing Reality

October 15 – 21, 2017 - In the face of such conditions it is not surprising that when, during the last year of Uzziah’s reign, Isaiah was called to bear to Judah God’s messages of warning and reproof, he shrank from the responsibility.

Bible Study Guides – Insights from the Book of Isaiah (1) — Reasoning For Righteousness

October 22 – 28, 2017 - What is the new heart? It is the new mind. What is the mind? It is the will. Where is your will? It is either on Satan’s side or Christ’s side. Now it is up to you.

All Bible texts, unless appearing in quoted references or otherwise identified, are from the New King James Version.