Bible Study Guides – “Men Ought Always to Pray, and Not To Faint”

January 20, 2001 – January 26, 2001

MEMORY VERSE: “Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints.” Ephesians 6:18.

STUDY HELP: Christ’s Object Lessons, 164–180.


“Christ’s lessons in regard to prayer should be carefully considered. There is a divine science in prayer, and His illustration [Luke 11:5-13] brings to view principles that all need to understand. He shows what is the true spirit of prayer, He teaches the necessity of perseverance in presenting our requests to God, and assures us of His willingness to hear and answer prayer.” Christ’s Object Lessons, 142.

“Ask and It Shall be Given You”

  1. What instruction is given concerning perseverance in prayer? Luke 11:9.

NOTE: See Steps to Christ, 95.

  1. What promise accompanies this instruction? Luke 11:10.

NOTE: “He who truly seeks for the precious grace of Christ will be sure not to be disappointed. This promise has been given to us by Him who will not deceive us. It is not stated as a maxim or a theory, but as a fact, as a law of the divine government. We can be assured that we shall receive the Holy Spirit if we individually try the experiment of testing God’s word.” In Heavenly Places, 336.

“He Will Rise and Give”

  1. What illustration did Jesus use to explain the need for perseverance in prayer? Luke 11:5–8.

NOTE: See Counsels on Health, 380.

  1. What further parable did Jesus tell to illustrate this truth? Luke 18:1–8.

NOTE: “The judge yielded to the widow’s request merely through selfishness, that he might be relieved of her importunity. He felt for her no pity or compassion; her misery was nothing to him. How different is the attitude of God toward those who seek Him. The appeals of the needy and distressed are considered by Him with infinite compassion.” Christ’s Object Lessons, 165. (See also page 172.)

“A Man Subject to Like Passions as We Are”

  1. What example of persevering prayer did James give? James 5:17, 18.

NOTE: “Heaven is not closed against the fervent prayers of the righteous.… The only reason for our lack of power with God is to be found in ourselves.… A hurried prayer is offered now and then, but there is no real communion with God. We must be much in prayer if we would make progress in the divine life.” My Life Today, 17.

  1. How did Elijah demonstrate faith and perseverance in prayer? 1 Kings 18:41–44.

NOTE: “Elijah did not wait for the heavens to gather blackness. In that small cloud he beheld by faith an abundance of rain; and he acted in harmony with his faith.… As he prayed, his faith reached out and grasped the promises of Heaven, and he persevered in prayer until his petitions were answered. He did not wait for the full evidence that God had heard him, but was willing to venture all on the slightest token of divine favor. And yet what he was enabled to do under God, all may do in their sphere of activity in God’s service.…” Conflict and Courage, 211. (See also Early Writings, 73.)

“She Continued Praying Before the Lord”

  1. What further example of perseverance in prayer is found in the life of Hannah? 1 Samuel 1:10–13.

NOTE: “There is a mighty power in prayer. Our great adversary is constantly seeking to keep the troubled soul away from God. An appeal to Heaven by the humblest saint is more to be dreaded by Satan than the decrees of cabinets or the mandates of kings. Hannah’s prayer was unheard by mortal ear, but entered the ear of the Lord of hosts.… She believed that her prayer had been heard, and the peace of Christ filled her heart.” Signs of the Times, October 27, 1881.

  1. How did Hannah express her gratitude at the answer to her prayer? 1 Samuel 2:1–10.

NOTE: “When separated from her child, the faithful mother’s solicitude did not cease. Every day he was the subject of her prayers.… She did not ask for her son worldly greatness, but she earnestly pleaded that he might attain that greatness which Heaven values—that he might honor God and bless his fellow men.” Patriarchs and Prophets, 572.

“O Woman, Great is Thy Faith”

  1. What example of persistence in prayer is recorded in the life of Christ? Matthew 15:21–28.

NOTE: “There is no danger that the Lord will neglect the prayers of His people. The danger is that in temptation and trial they will become discouraged, and fail to persevere in prayer. The Saviour manifested divine compassion toward the Syrophenician woman. His heart was touched as He saw her grief. He longed to give her an immediate assurance that her prayer was heard; but He desired to teach His disciples a lesson, and for a time He seemed to neglect the cry of her tortured heart. When her faith had been made manifest, He spoke to her words of commendation and sent her away with the precious boon she had asked. The disciples never forgot this lesson, and it is placed on record to show the result of persevering prayer.” Christ’s Object Lessons, 175.

  1. What was the lesson that Christ desired to teach from this experience? Matthew 15:24. (Compare Acts 10:28.)

NOTE: See The The Desire of Ages, 402.

“He Had Power Over the Angel and Prevailed”

  1. What was the reason for Jacob’s success in his all-night struggle? Genesis 32:24–26. (Compare Hosea 12:4, first part.)

NOTE: See The Great Controversy, 621.

  1. What precious promise is for those who will go through the time of Jacob’s trouble? Jeremiah 30:7.

NOTE: See Patriarchs and Prophets, 201, 202.