Children’s Story – The Lord Will Provide, Part II

The Story to Now: A family of three living in Communist Cuba had only a small amount of food rations remaining to eat during the weekend. Accustomed to opening their home to guests on Sabbath, they vowed to not invite anyone for lunch on this Sabbath, but the Lord sent them five visitors!

When we arrived home after church, the visiting lady graciously offered her help in the kitchen. “You are on vacation,” I said. “It is time for you to rest. I will take care of everything in no time!”

Going into my kitchen, I knelt in front of the stove on which sat those two little pots with almost no food in them. I told my Lord and Provider, “Lord, here are my fishes and my loaves. It is all I have, and You have asked me to feed these people as You asked your disciples to do that day long ago. I give you what I have. You do the rest.”

While the rice and the plantain balls were warming on the stove, I went to my china cabinet to get a bowl for the small head of lettuce and one tomato. I reached in to take out a small salad bowl, but it was as if the Lord was talking to me. “Where is your faith? Have you not asked Me to multiply your food? You need a larger bowl—enough for all the people and some left over.”

“Forgive me, Lord,” I said, taking out the largest salad bowl I had. As I took off leaves of lettuce, washed them, and cut them into my salad bowl, I did not see the leaves multiplying, but it seemed that the head of lettuce was always the same size; more and more leaves were coming off it. When I finally got to the last leaf, the bowl was completely full. Then I began to cut the tomato, and it remained the same size until I had enough to combine with the lettuce into a nice tossed salad.

The same thing happened with the small piece of bread! Always I was able to cut another slice until I had filled a basket. By now my faith was very strong, so I took out a big serving dish for the rice. I had to laugh when I saw that big dish beside the small pot, but I knew what the Lord was doing. I began scooping the rice into the serving dish, and always the same amount was left in the pot until the dish was completely full. And there was still the same amount of rice left in the pot! “Lord,” I said, “You are providing not only for these people today, but You are providing also for us tomorrow!”

Then came the plantain balls. When I turned on the stove to warm the food, I saw that there were only four plantain balls left. Now, I had a big bowl in my hand, and I smiled, in spite of myself. When I took the pot lid off, the pot was full of plantain balls! I filled the big bowl full, and there were still enough balls left in the pot for the next day!

When lunch was ready, I went into the living room. To my husband, I said, “Honey, I know you were planning to fast today, but since we have these beloved brethren with us, why not join us for dinner? You can fast at any other time, if you want.” Hugo looked at me as if to say, “Are you out of your mind?”

As our visitors went into the bathroom to wash their hands, I led my husband to the dining room table. He could not believe his eyes, and two big tears rolled down his cheeks while he whispered, “Thank you, Lord!”

That Sabbath dinner was the best dinner of our lives. Though a very simple meal, it was provided directly by the Lord. Yes, “My God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19.