Current Events – Earthquakes and Floods

“The enemy has worked, and he is working still. He is come down in great power, and the Spirit of God is being withdrawn from the earth. God has withdrawn His hand. We have only to look at Johnstown [Pennsylvania]. He did not prevent the devil from wiping that whole city out of existence. [On May 31, 1889, an estimated 2,200 people lost their lives in the Johnstown flood when a dam broke after many days of heavy rains.] And these very things will increase until the close of this earth’s history.” Last Day Events, 25.

“The earth’s crust will be rent by the outbursts of the elements concealed in the bowels of the earth. These elements, once broken loose, will sweep away the treasures of those who for years have been adding to their wealth by securing large possessions at starvation prices from those in their employ. And the religious world, too, is to be terribly shaken, for the end of all things is at hand.” Ibid.

May 2015 – At least 31 people have died as a result of the devastating storms that have ravaged parts of Texas and northern Mexico. More people are still missing. Floodwaters have washed away cars and even a house was seen floating down a river. In Mexico, the epicenter for this severe weather, a tornado killed 13 people. One river surged from 5½ feet to over 40 feet—which is more than three times its flood stage—in less than two hours, sending raging waters through communities.

“ ‘This is the biggest flood this area of Texas has ever seen,’ Gov. Greg Abbott (R) said on Monday, according to Reuters. ‘It is absolutely massive—the relentless tsunami-type power of this wave of water.’

“In its latest report, the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change say that heavy precipitation events in North America and Europe appear to have been growing more frequent and more severe and predict the precipitation events will get worse and surface air temperatures will continue to rise in the coming century.”

April 2015 – A powerful 7.8 earthquake shook Nepal near its capital, Katmandu flattening sections of the city’s historic center. Dozens of sightseers were trapped in a 200-foot watchtower that came crashing down into a pile of bricks. The quake set off avalanches around Mount Everest causing the death of many as the wall of snow and ice took out everything in its path. The ancient city was turned to rubble in a matter of minutes killing many thousands of people and injuring more. The death toll has reached over 8,000 with 18,000 injured and hundreds still missing and unaccounted for.

“By midafternoon, the United States Geological Survey counted 12 aftershocks, one of which measured 6.6.

“Seismologists have expected a major earthquake in western Nepal, where there is pent-up pressure from the grinding of the Indian tectonic plate as is it forced underneath the Eurasian plate to the north.”

There is no safe place on this earth outside of the protection of Christ. We should ask ourselves, “Are our feet on the rock of ages? Are we hiding ourselves in our only refuge? The storm is coming, relentless in its fury. Are we prepared to meet it? Are we one with Christ as He is one with the Father? Are we heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ?” Evangelism, 199.