Editorial – Effort or Luke 13:24

“Said the Prince of life, ‘Strive to enter in at the strait gate; for many, I say unto you, shall seek to enter in, and shall not be able.’ ‘Agonize,’ says the margin. There are vastly more seekers than strivers. Tame, half-hearted efforts will not insure. There must be determined, persevering, untiring effort, proportionate to the value of eternal life, the object of our pursuit. We cannot trust to another to win the crown for us; we must individually fight the battles of the Lord.” The Review and Herald, August 23, 1881

“We must put forth earnest effort to overcome the evil tendencies of the natural heart. Our efforts, our self-denial and perseverance, must be proportionate to the infinite value of the object of which we are in pursuit. Only by overcoming as Christ overcame shall we win the crown of life.” The Ministry of Healing, 455

“… In the struggle for immortality we have a part to act. Christ will help those who pray and then watch unto prayer. He calls upon us to use every power He has given us in the warfare against sin. We can never be saved in inactivity and idleness. We might as well look for a harvest from seed which we have not sown, and for knowledge where we have not studied, as to expect salvation without making an effort. It is our part to wrestle against the evil tendencies of the natural heart.” The Youth’s Instructor, March 5, 1903

While we must strive for that perfection of character that Jesus has enjoined upon all His followers (Matthew 5:48), we must also not fail to show mercy to others (Micah 6:8).

“A man may be trying to serve God, but temptations from within and from without assail him. Satan and his angels urge and coax him to transgress. And perhaps he falls a prey to their temptings. How then do his brethren treat him? Do they speak harsh, cutting words, driving him farther from the Saviour? What a sad sight for Christ and the angels to behold.

“Let us remember that we are struggling and toiling, failing in speech and action to represent Christ, falling and rising again, despairing and hoping. Let us beware of dealing unkindly with those who like ourselves are subject to temptation, and who, like ourselves also, are the objects of Christ’s unchanging love.” Manuscript Releases, Vol. 7, 400