Editorial – God Will Straighten It Out

It is often stated by Christians when some problem or sin is brought up, that we do not need to worry about it, because someday God will straighten it all out. Although this statement itself is true, it often leads to a dangerous, passive attitude. If we wait for God to straighten it out, we might be very disappointed and disheartened by His method. God sometimes solves problems by means of judgments. For example, Israel had a problem with idolatry, which was only cured by allowing them to go into Babylonian captivity for 70 years. God is going to straighten out all the problems in our modern world and all the problems in Adventism too, but if we wait for Him to do it, instead of seeking to cooperate with Him in solving the problems now, we will become the recipients of judgments.

“God will not complete his work without human agencies. Jesus has made the infinite sacrifice in our behalf, and he expects of his followers far more than they give him—voluntary, zealous, disinterested co-operation. His bounty has brought the treasures of heaven within the reach of man, and God expects us to show our faith by our works. God is waiting, angels are watching, to see what the people to whom are committed the treasures of truth will do. They are God’s workmen and his agents, and if those who are so highly favored with intrusted truths fail through love for earthly things to perform the part assigned them, it would have been better for them had they never been born. Not only will they lose heaven themselves, but, failing to act their part in the great plan of saving their fellow-men, they will scatter from Christ by thus neglecting to do their appointed work. Others will follow their example, and they will be cursed of God.” The Review and Herald, March 1, 1887.

“Watch, watch, watch. This watching and waiting, ready, all ready to welcome our Lord, has ceased with nearly all. We are not ready to open to him immediately. The love of the world has occupied our thoughts, and so filled our minds that our eyes are turned downward to the earth, but not upward. We are hurrying about, engaged in different enterprises, with zeal and earnestness, and God is forgotten, and the heavenly treasure is not valued. We are not in a waiting, watching position. The love of the world and the deceitfulness of riches eclipses our faith, and we do not long for, and love, the appearing of our Saviour. We do too much ourselves, to take care of self.” Phamplets 098, 19.