Editorial – Our Divine Helper

The devil is constantly trying to get the Lord’s people to give up in discouragement and despair. The answer to this, and to all other temptations of the enemy, is Jesus. Following are a few encouraging, inspired statements about where the help is and how to get it.

“Our divine Lord is equal to any emergency. With Him nothing is impossible . . . Come to Christ just as you are, weak, helpless, and ready to die. Cast yourself wholly on His mercy. . . Trustful dependence on Jesus makes victory not only possible, but certain.” Signs of the Times, January 3, 1906.

“You may take all your trials, all your troubles, all your sorrows to Jesus in prayer; you may feel that He is at hand to help you in every emergency, and you can tell Him all about it and He will give you just the help you need.” Signs of the Times, September 15, 1887.

“The fact that you have been baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, is an assurance that if you will claim Their help, These powers will help you in every emergency.”  Testimonies, vol. 6, 98, 99. (1900).

“There is not a single instance in which God has hidden His face from the supplication of His people. When every other resource failed He was a present help in every emergency. God bless you, poor, stricken, wounded soul. Cling to His hand; hold fast. He will take you, your children, and all your griefs and burdens if you will only cast them all upon Him.” This Day with God, 194.

“We are not to give up in discouragement, but in every emergency we are to seek help from Him who has infinite resources at His command. Often we shall be surrounded with trying circumstances, and then, in the fullest confidence, we must depend upon God. He will keep every soul that is brought into perplexity through trying to keep the way of the Lord.” Desire of Ages, 369.

“Divine power will cooperate with human effort. Dear reader, the gates are open, and the glory of God is shining for every soul who looks to Heaven in times of trial and perplexity. How many go to human friends when they are in trouble! But how vain is the help that man can give! Human aid is only as a broken reed. Christ has been manifested to the world as the One who can bind up the broken in heart, and comfort those that mourn.” Apples of Gold Library, August 1, 1898; Signs of the Times, July 29, 1889.

“We have a precious, loving Saviour. I wish I could present Him to you just as He is. Many have Jesus so exalted in their minds that He seems far off and they have no communion with Him. But Christ took upon himself human nature and was called the Son of man, because He was to become acquainted with all the trials, with all the sorrows, and with all the sufferings of humanity, that He might know how to succor those who are tempted. To the weeping ones He says, ‘I have wept. I know how to sympathize with you.’ He is a Saviour that is in sympathy with the woes of man, a Saviour that is by our side to help, and strengthen, and succor us. We are to stand firm as a rock to the principles of the Word of God, remembering that God is with us to give us strength to meet each new experience. Let us ever maintain in our lives the principles of righteousness, that we may go forward from strength to strength in the name of the Lord. John found in his solitude and exile that the Lord had not forgotten him. From this we may learn that God is a shield and helper in every emergency, to those who believe and trust in Him. When surrounded by difficulties, dangers, and discouragements, we must not yield faith and principle, but cherish every precious ray of light granted us, and be true to our God given responsibilities.” Signs of the Times, February 28, 1878.