Editorial – Why the Law Cannot Be Changed

“The kingdom of heaven is of a higher order than any earthly kingdom. Whether we shall have a higher position or a lower position, will not be determined by our rank, wealth, or education, but by the character of the obedience rendered to the word of God. Those who have been actuated by selfishness and human ambition, who have been striving to be greatest, who have been self-important, who have felt above confessing mistakes and errors, will have no place in the kingdom of God. Whether men will be honored as members of the royal family of God, will be determined by the manner in which they bear the test and proving of God that is brought to bear upon them in this life. … The laws of Christ’s kingdom are unalterable; for they have their foundation in His own unchangeable righteous character. Not one of His precepts will be weakened or altered in the slightest degree. Heaven and earth will pass away rather than one tittle of His law shall fail.” The Review and Herald, March 26, 1895

“Abraham recognized the fact that Jehovah had a law, and he determined that he would keep that law as the apple of His eye. He recognized the fact that he was amenable to the Lawgiver, and he would not be turned aside from his duty. God rules by the combined influence of authority and affection, and blessings follow in the track of those who obey His law. The Holy One has given us rules by which we are to be guided to the courts of heaven, and these rules form the standard, from which there can be no turning aside. The first principles of holiness are yet to be learned when God’s voice is not heard and obeyed as the supreme authority.” The Signs of the Times, November 14, 1895

“If you are careful, prompt, and conscientious in your homelife; if in your prayers you claim the Lord’s promises, and expect an answer; if you discharge your duties faithfully, you will not be left to stumble on in darkness. The Lord of heaven will be present with you; by His Holy Spirit He will guide you. Everyone who is to receive the overcomer’s reward must first overcome every sin; and not until he overcomes through divine grace, can he entertain hope of entering the haven of eternal bliss.” Testimonies to the Church Regarding Individual Responsibility and Christian Unity, 13