Food – Benefits of Sunlight

Not only is sunlight good for our planet, it is good for the creatures God created, good for our environment and it is good also for you and me.

Sunlight can lower our vital signs—our respiratory rate, heart rate and blood pressure. Not only does it increase the oxygen content in the blood, it plays a role in decreasing blood cholesterol and also creates Vitamin D. Sunlight also enhances the immune system which helps us fight diseases of all kinds. The production of many of the body hormones that regulate our bodily functions is dependent upon sunlight. It can lower blood sugar if too high and raise it if too low. Sunlight also strengthens bones, helps lower waste products in the blood, and helps the function of the thyroid, pineal and pituitary glands. It stimulates production of red and white blood cells. It is known to help with arthritis; a speed wound healing, treatment of hyperactive children, and helps some skin disorders.

The benefits of sunlight are increased when combined with fresh air and exercise. For health we need only to have a 15 cm square of the face or extremities exposed for an hour of sunlight a day. The early morning hours are some of the best hours of the day to get sunlight.

Sunlight has received much negative press. This has been unfair because the problem is not exposure to sunlight, but overexposure to sun leading to burning, which is the problem. There are other things in our lifestyle which also contribute to problems relating to the sun. For instance, a diet high in fat, low levels of Vitamins A, C, E, and selenium can lead to sunlight problems. Also exposure to radiation, some drugs, deodorants, soaps and cosmetics can enhance problems along with alcohol consumption.

Some people burn more easily than others and it is important to know if you are more susceptible to burning. People who have blue eyes, blonde or red hair, fair skin, or are diabetic burn more easily. Understand what your burn potential is. Guard against factors that increase your risk to burn and guard yourself from burning. Then enjoy the healthful benefits of the sun.