Food for Life – Animal Products

Happy Thanksgiving holidays! This is the time of year when we all look forward to vacations and seeing family that maybe we have not seen for a long time. What a happy thought. As Christians looking forward to the soon coming of Christ in the clouds of heaven we do not look forward to holiday periods in a selfish gluttonous way but as a time for real relaxation alone with God and our families.

To the world the many holidays have become an idol, something that has stolen the affections from God and His government to the gratification of personal pride and taste without thought of others.

While there are families in many places in the world, in other places the population is faced with a temptation to overeat during holidays, and to eat food that will bring upon them degenerative disease. This is a fulfillment of prophecy about world conditions in the last days because Jesus said the last days would be characterized by both famines and feasting and drunkenness. (See Matthew 24:6; and Luke 21:34-36)

The rich foods that are often eaten during holiday seasons usually have the following characteristics—they are low in fiber, high in fats and sugars, and often high in protein. These are foods with which the health-minded Christian is tempted. In the world of course, the food may also be high in animal protein and alcohol plus an array of food additives and preservatives. Animal food accentuates the problems with unwanted food additives because of the antibiotics given to the animals, plus hormones, plus other additives in the animal feed. All of these things change the essential nature of the diet and can have profound metabolic consequences in the body. A few milligrams of hormones can completely change body chemistry. Anybody who has taken birth-control pills or cortizone should understand this.

The residues of antibiotics in animal food, plus the stimulating compounds naturally present in animal food, plus the proven relationship between animal food and heart disease, and certain types of cancers, make animal food undesirable. This is not only true for meat, but the same problems with unwanted hormones and antibiotics, deficiency in fiber, and a positive statistical correlation with the onset of cancer, is present in the use of animal produced foods such as milk and eggs.

Health reform is a step by step process—first elimination of harmful substances containing drugs such as tobacco, tea and coffee, and alcoholic beverages, but later the elimination of foods known to be correlated with degenerative disease—namely animal foods and later animal based foods such as milk, eggs, and cheese. As these things are eliminated from the diet, something wholesome must be used to replace them, so that adequate energy, weight and well-being is maintained. This requires learning to eat new foods, learning how to prepare vegetarian recipes and menus. At all times the diet should be tasty and palatable. We have been given instruction that the diet of those first learning health reform cannot be the same as that of those who have practiced health reform a long time. (See Counsels on Diets and Foods, 283, 289, 367.) We try to provide recipes in this magazine each month to help those who are trying to reform their diet. The recipe this month, although it does not have any oil or refined, sugar, eggs or milk, it is still a rich food and should therefore be eaten with temperance. It will help all our friends and family to appreciate that health reformers can enjoy wholesome food that still is a delight to even a gourmet palate.

Inspired: “Those who are suffering as the result of a wrong course of action are to be shown the necessity of reform in their habits of life. They have violated the laws of health. By the eating of flesh meat and of rich, highly-spiced food, they have injured the digestive organs, and if they would get well, they must adopt a simple, wholesome diet.” Pacific Union Recorder, March 23, 1905

Pecan Pie

Place in Blender:

1 ½ Cups cashew milk

1 ½ Cups date pieces

1 Tbs. Vanilla

1 tsp. Sea salt

Blend thoroughly until smooth.

In small pan place:

¾ Cup distilled water

1 Tbs. Agar powder

Stir until mixture boils and clears. Add quickly to the mixture in the blender and blend again until agar is well distributed throughout the mixture. Remove from blender and add 2-3 Cups pecans. Stir lightly and pour into pre-baked cashew pie crust. Refrigerate.