God’s Endless Grace – Pastor Kang’s Near Death Experience & Ministry Alert

Pastor David Kang’s Near Death Experience and Heaven-sent Commission from God

One very late evening, Pastor David Kang’s heart burst. [David Kang is Pastor and Founder of Light for Life US Ministry, Fort Lee, New Jersey.] His life was clinging on the precipice of death. However, after a very sudden “open heart surgery,” God saw fit to grant His servant more time on this earth.

On the evening of December 30, 2011, after returning from a month long evangelistic meeting in Korea and China, Pastor Kang thought he was suffering from a mild form of pneumonia. As the night progressed, he found it increasingly difficult to breathe, and the sharp pain in his chest became unbearable. Then he coughed up blood. He was experiencing the symptoms of a sudden heart attack.

Pastor Kang has tirelessly labored without rest for the past twenty years, doing God’s work, and as a result, he has received much criticism. He has also been the center of many malicious rumors that have weighed heavily on him as he continued his work. Finally, his body has paid the toll.

After initial tests in Athens, Georgia, a clogged artery was discovered and cleared. While thinking there must be another reason to cause the problem in the heart, a more serious problem was discovered. The septum, the dividing wall between the right atrium and the left atrium, had ruptured. This necessitated emergency open-heart surgery. While the ambulance hastily pressed onwards toward Emory Hospital in Atlanta, a search immediately began for a surgeon who had experiential knowledge with the needed surgery.

God had prearranged for such a surgeon to be on call that night. On the way to the operating room, Pastor Kang was told to prepare not to see his family again, as the surgery only had a success rate of 25 percent. Suddenly the true meaning of genuine prayer was valued. Pastor Kang humbly entrusted his soul into God’s hands, recognizing himself as a helpless and feeble sinner that had repented of his sins and trusted in his loving Saviour. A usual eight-hour surgery was completed in four hours, and four days later he awoke, realizing that his life had been spared. A few days later it was discovered that his whole heart was beating normally. There had been only a one percent chance of that happening.

Pastor Kang has been saved, by the providence of God, to go again into the world with a new commission to fulfill.

A Ministry Alert

To the faithful supporters of Light for Life US Ministry:

As you may already know, a small group of people is currently trying to defame and sabotage this ministry. These individuals are trying to swindle the funds and your gracious donations for their own purposes. I, Pastor Kang, am working with the CHINA ministry through the Light for Life office in New Jersey. Therefore, please send any monetary aid or questions to the office in New Jersey. I pray that you will not be confused on this issue.

Brethren, I plead for your understanding and assistance. Our evangelistic work in China and in Korea is ever growing and advancing more and more each day by the grace of God! In this very crucial and difficult time in our ministry, we humbly beseech you for your loving prayers and financial support. Thank you very much.

Your eternally grateful brother in Christ,

David Kang,
Pastor and Founder of Light for Life US ministry

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