Health – The Back Closet

Many times we hear or read something and as time goes on we tend to put it in the back closet of our minds. And of course, anything stored in the back closet usually stays there, well hidden, from our daily thoughts. This is what has happened to a considerable amount of the health message given by the Spirit of Prophecy. Much instruction has been heard by many. However, it has not been implemented but placed there for later use.

I can just now hear, as many are reading this article, the sighing and the words being spoken: “Here we go again.” Before you get too carried away on the sighing, you must read the following interesting information on oxidized cholesterol and where it is found from Neil Nedley, M.D.

The Problem with Oxidized Cholesterol

“Cholesterol exposed to the atmosphere for a period of time tends to combine with oxygen in the air, producing what is called “oxidized cholesterol.” … In fact, this compound may turn out to be the most important dietary factor that influences heart disease risk.

“As early as the 1940s it was discovered that not all cholesterol was the same in its likelihood of causing atherosclerosis. Dr. Chaikoff and associates found that chickens that were fed large amounts of cholesterol developed high blood cholesterol levels and a considerable amount of atherosclerosis. On the other hand, chickens that were given hormones to raise their cholesterol to similar levels had virtually no fatty buildup in their arteries. Drs. Peng and Taylor in Albany, New York, carried on further experiments looking for something in dietary cholesterol that was particularly damaging to blood vessels. …

“Some of the chemicals called ‘oxidation products,’ were so toxic that they destroyed cells that line the arteries in less than 24 hours. Furthermore, it took only a small amount of these toxic chemicals to cause irreversible damage. In Peng and Taylor’s work, the deadly effects on blood vessels occurred when as little as one half of one percent of the blood cholesterol was oxidized. Their research is particularly important because destruction of artery-lining cells is one of the main factors that begins or accelerates the buildup of cholesterol in atherosclerosis. …

“Foods containing harmful cholesterol by-products …:

  • Custard mixes
  • Pancakes mixes
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Lard

“The most harmful combination of cholesterol oxidation products was found in custard mix where sugar, milk, and eggs were combined. The dried mix was apparently exposed to air for a considerable period of time due to its long shelf life.

“Over 100 years ago the danger of custards and puddings were recognized by Ellen White in Ministry of Healing, 301, 302.” [Emphasis author’s.] Proof Positive, by Neil Nedley, M.D., pages 73, 74. Copyright 1998, 1999 by Neil Nedley, M.D.

Wonderful warnings have been given to us through the Spirit of Prophecy. Pull them out of the back closet and return them to active service. We truly are fearfully and wonderfully made and our enemy, the devil, is trying to destroy these wonderful bodies that God has given to us. The seeds are sown—let’s pull the weeds out and live to God’s glory.