Keys – Bad Choices & Sad Consequences

As I sat mourning over the surgery which was coming up in two days, my heart went out to the lady who lived with us for six months. How we urged her to join us in our meals and worship. She would laugh at us because we did not eat and drink what she ate and drank. She chain smoked. We considered her part of our family even though she chose a lifestyle unlike ours. I would talk with her about the dangers of her health condition, the foods she was eating and her smoking.

She had already suffered with diabetes for several years and was on insulin. But she regulated her blood sugar with shots and candy. The doctor told her what kind of candy to eat and she had an insatiable appetite for those sweets. She loved donuts and cookies and would say she needed them to help her with her diabetes. She smoked all hours of the day and night, going through horrendous amounts of tobacco.

I always allowed her freedom of choice and we became good friends. When she had to move into a group home, she continued her usual diet. Then she got a little sore on her toe that would not heal. The doctors tried medicines for several months, which seemed to work for a time but then the infection came back with a vengeance.

Now as I sit here praying for her, Jesus’ words came to me: “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem …” (Luke 13:34). My heart sank, knowing how often the Lord tries to warn us of consequences. How often I tried to warn her with no response—she honestly thought all was well. My heart broke, both for this young lady and for each of us. Do we honestly think all is well? What is it that blinds us to reality?

Now in two days her toe will be removed and I know that this is just the beginning because her body will really be weakened and the infections will continue. More and more of her body parts will be removed because she does not have the willpower to turn from her cravings. Pray for her.

My sisters and brothers, now is the time to turn away from this world and walk in the narrow way with Jesus. We will see many along the way who make bad choices and have no courage or even a desire to change. Bad choices kill. Our Lord says, “Thou shalt not kill” (Exodus 20:13).

So, my heart cries over the bad choices and inevitable sad consequences made by loved ones – if only they could realize there is a better way.

Heavenly Father: Our hearts just weep over family and friends who choose not to follow the better way. Oh how Jesus must weep over us when we choose another road. So much heartache on this earth and we know it will only get worse. Give us the heart to continue to reach out and warn them even though warnings may not be received. Have mercy on the souls that are caught in the snares of the devil. Keep us strong in our walk with You continually. Amen.