Keys to the Storehouse – Broken Peace

Broken peace is non-existent in heaven and heavenly peace is available to all and can begin right now. “For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.” [Emphasis added.] Romans 14:17. It is sin that destroys peace. God desires all to be happy, peaceful and obedient. The Bible tells of a woman who had heavenly peace that changed the intent of a heart bent on retaliation.

“The piety of Abigail, like the fragrance of a flower, breathed out all unconsciously in face and word and action. The Spirit of the Son of God was abiding in her soul. Her speech, seasoned with grace, and full of kindness and peace, shed a heavenly influence. Better impulses came to David, and he trembled as he thought what might have been the consequences of his rash purpose. ‘Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God’ (Matthew 5:9).

“Would that there were many more like this woman of Israel, who would

  • soothe the irritated feelings,
  • prevent rash impulses, and
  • quell great evils by words of calm and well-directed wisdom.” Patriarchs and Prophets, 667.

Does the peace that will soothe the irritated feelings and prevent rash impulses, or quell great evils by calm words flow from your mouth? Have you consecrated your heart and your life to the Lord or is your peace broken?

“A consecrated Christian life is ever shedding light and comfort and peace. It is characterized by purity, tact, simplicity, and usefulness. It is controlled by that unselfish love that sanctifies the influence. It is full of Christ, and leaves a track of light wherever its possessor may go. Abigail was a wise reprover and counselor. David’s passion died away under the power of her influence and reasoning. He was convinced that he had taken an unwise course and had lost control of his own spirit.” See I Samuel 25:32–35.] Ibid.

“Christ is ‘the Prince of Peace’ (Isaiah 9:6), and it is His mission to restore to earth and heaven the peace that sin has broken. … Whoever consents to renounce sin and open his heart to the love of Christ, becomes a partaker of this heavenly peace.

“There is no other ground of peace than this. The grace of Christ received into the heart, subdues enmity; it allays strife and fills the soul with love. He who is at peace with God and his fellow men cannot be made miserable. … The heart that is in harmony with God is a partaker of the peace of heaven and will diffuse its blessed influence on all around. The spirit of peace will rest like dew upon hearts weary and troubled with worldly strife.

“Christ’s followers are sent to the world with the message of peace. Whoever, by the quiet, unconscious influence of a holy life, shall reveal the love of Christ; whoever, by word or deed, shall lead another to renounce sin and yield his heart to God, is a peacemaker. …

“The spirit of peace is evidence of their connection with heaven. The sweet savor of Christ surrounds them. The fragrance of the life, the loveliness of the character, reveal to the world the fact that they are children of God. Men take knowledge of them that they have been with Jesus.” Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing, 27, 28.

Father: I do renounce sin, which breaks peace. I choose to partake of Your heavenly peace which will subdue enmity and strife. Fill me with Your peace and let it be diffused to all around so their hearts may also walk in heavenly places. Give me this peace so others around me will not be made miserable. Amen.