Keys to the Storehouse – A Second Trial

Our first parents sinned and Jesus “proposed the only means that could be acceptable with God, that would give them another trial, and place them again on probation.” Confrontation, 17.

Did you know that angels also experienced a period of probation? “Angels on probation had been deceived by Satan, and had been led on by him in the great rebellion in heaven against Christ. They failed to endure the test brought to bear upon them, and they fell.” Ibid., 18.

There was no second trial for the angels! Why? “He left the fallen angels to perish in their rebellion, but stretched forth His hand to rescue perishing man. The angels who were rebellious were dealt with according to the light and experience they had abundantly enjoyed in heaven. Satan, the chief of the fallen angels, once had an exalted position in heaven. He was next in honor to Christ. The knowledge which he, as well as the angels who fell with him, had of the character of God, of His goodness, His mercy, wisdom, and excellent glory, made their guilt unpardonable.” [Emphasis supplied.] Ibid., 21.

They had it all—their sin was unpardonable!

“There was no possible hope for the redemption of those who had witnessed and enjoyed the inexpressible glory of heaven, and had seen the terrible majesty of God, and, in presence of all this glory, had rebelled against Him. … If they could rebel in the very presence of glory inexpressible, they could not be placed in a more favorable condition to be proved. There was no reserve force of power, nor were there any greater heights and depths of infinite glory to overpower their jealous doubts and rebellious murmuring. Their guilt and their punishment must be in proportion to their exalted privileges in the heavenly courts.” Ibid.

We have the privilege to be on probation. Are we “walking” with God each moment? Adam and Eve were separated from God by transgression of His expressed command. They knew the consequences of such transgression. We also know the consequences of our transgressions, our sins. Many are in a deplorable state, blinded by Satan to think all is well because sin really isn’t sin anymore—it is just a little departure from God’s word. Do not be tricked into believing a lie and losing the last opportunity to join the faithful angels in heaven.

You and I might redeem Adam’s disgraceful failure, and by humble obedience regain lost Eden. Ask Jesus for His Holy Spirit to transform your heart, to guide you and to teach you. Do not believe the devil’s lie that your “little” sins do not matter. This is the last trial you will have to prove your faithfulness to the God of heaven—to prove your love to Him. You do not need to fail in these last moments of probation.

Father in heaven: I am saddened that the angels failed their probation when they had it all. I do not want to fail. Help me to relinquish self and the sin which doth so easily beset me. Save me from my rebellious self, and let me run with patience the race that is set before me. Do not let me be ruined by Satan’s lying deceptions. Help Lord! Amen.