Keys to the Storehouse – The Serpent’s Meat

Satan is filled with wrath against anyone who professes to be a follower of Jesus—the Christian. Many of us have too well felt his wrath. The only way that Satan can wound the Saviour is by ruining the souls of His saints through his deceptive devices. We need to recognize temptations in order to resist them and endure the trials.

Satan, the serpent, spreads an attractive table to lure the unsuspecting away from the Lord’s table to eat his meat. The world-loving majority is attracted by the delicacies offered there, but at what cost?

“Shall we allow ourselves to be separated from Christ, and thus lose the eternal reward, the great gift of everlasting life? Shall we not accept the enmity which Christ has placed between man and the serpent? Shall we not eat the flesh and drink the blood of the Son of God, which means to live by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God? Or shall we become earthly, eating the serpent’s meat, which is selfishness, hypocrisy, evil-surmising, envy, and covetousness?” Manuscript Releases, vol. 18, 344. [Emphasis supplied.]

We all have a choice to make. Will we eat and grow in grace at the Lord’s table, living by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God (Matthew 4:4)? Or will we gorge on the serpent’s fare, developing characters fit only to be tied into bundles ready to be burned (Matthew 13:30)? If you find yourself at the wrong table today, don’t finish that meal! It may be sweet in the mouth, but it will be bitter in the stomach and be the cause of much spiritual sickness, sorrow and hurt to all around you. The serpent serves morsels of profession that come to naught—the soup of evil surmising which sours all around you, stones of self-indulgence, greed, self-centeredness and unkindness with chunks of impatience, resentment, spite, grudging and discontentment.

This is the meat that the serpent provides to entice you to feast upon. Feasting at this table pleases its Satanic host, while causing untold suffering to Jesus and darkening the lives of all around. Please do not finish that meal!

“Satan is filled with wrath against Jesus. But he cannot hurt the Saviour except by conquering those for whom Christ died. He knows that when through his devices souls are ruined, the Saviour is wounded.” Ibid.

We want to resist the temptation to chew on anything that the serpent may want to offer, whether it be impatience, complaining, murmuring, selfishness or anything else that may be sour or distasteful. We are being watched to see at which table we are seated when temptations come.

“The heavenly universe is watching with the deepest interest the conflict between Christ in the person of His saints, and the great deceiver. Those who recognize and resist temptation are fighting the Lord’s battles.” Ibid.

Oh Lord: Rescue me from the serpent’s meat if I should ever thoughtlessly sit at his table and cause sorrow and heartache to all around. I choose to sup with Thee. Fill me to overflowing with heavenly fruits that I will have no room to drink the soup of evil surmising which is very sour to all around, or to crunch on the stones of self-indulgence, greed, self-centeredness, unkindness or to chew on the chunks of impatience, resentment, spite, grudging and discontentment. I come to Your table asking You to feed me and nourish me to overflowing so there will be no room for the serpent’s meat. Amen!