Keys to the Storehouse – Lord, Give Me Strength

We have no strength except what comes from God. We need to ask Him for that strength daily. I have a hard time finding just the right words to speak to God. I know what is in my heart, but I cannot find the right words. Yes, I know He knows my heart, but I want to talk to my Father in heaven, as I am sure you do also. I want to commune with Him personally, and I want Him to commune with me. Sometimes as I sit searching for words, He inspires me with exactly what I need to say because He already knows what is in my heart.

In the morning hours, especially when I see everything that needs to be done, I tend to feel overwhelmed. My Lord shared this prayer with me one day while I was reading and the words were just what my heart yearned for, but had been unable to verbalize. Now I can speak what my heart wants to say and I know that He hears me. He will hear you also as you lift up your heart to Him.

O Lord, give me strength to fulfill the duties of this day and to meet its temptations and trials. Help me to bring into my work Christ’s sweetness of character. Help me to speak words that will draw those around me nearer to Christ.

You will see the answers to this heartfelt prayer throughout the day. Lift your heart heavenward and plead with your Father to give you strength. Plead for the sweetness of Christ’s character to flow through you and touch others that their hearts also may be lifted to Him. If Christ’s sweetness of character is working in and through you, other hearts will be lifted up because you first reached for the Lord’s inspiration.

We are told that “character is the great harvest of life. And every word or deed that through the grace of Christ shall kindle in one soul an impulse that reaches heavenward, every effort that tends to the formation of a Christlike character, is laying up treasure in heaven.” Thoughts from the Mount of Blessings, 90.

It is my desire to lay up treasure in heaven. Is it yours? Is it the desire of your heart that the words you speak may cause another person’s heart to be lifted heavenward? Then ask for it. He will give you words to speak that will draw those around you to Him. He will give you strength to fulfill your duties today, if you ask Him.

God has promised you that if you delight yourself in Him, He will give you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:4.) Tell Him that this is the desire of your heart for today.

May God bless you and those hearts you touch as you use this Key to the Storehouse.