Keys to the Storehouse – Our Spiritual Nose

We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Just to think that we have this little two-door structure in the middle of our faces which warms the air as it goes into our lungs, and also contains all these little nerves which send messages to the brain to tell us how things smell. Amazing!

When you have a virus in your nose and are breathing in the mucus and swallowing it, etc., it heads right to the lungs first, and then your lungs send oxygen and the germs to your blood which travels all over your body. Is it any wonder why germs and viruses spread so quickly to the lungs and elsewhere? These can cause congestion and make your whole body feel sick. We can keep our noses clean by putting a little salt into warm water and inhaling it into one door at a time and then blowing it out. In this way we can prevent a lot of the germs from spreading throughout our bodies.

This also applies to our spiritual nose. We do not want our spiritual nose to be the cause or source of developing dis-ease among the body by spreading germs. We need to have a Christlike spiritual nose. We want a nose that will seek those things above and not seek those things in somebody else’s life.

A Christlike nose is kept clean by looking up and not around. An unChristlike nose is nosy, looks to find faults in the lives of others and so germs, the source of the developing dis-ease and dis-unity, cause much hurt in the body. Our spiritual nose must be kept clean at all times to remain spiritual. We do not want a “slipshod” religion.

“Slipshod religion is a dangerous thing, in the home or in the church; and to educate the mind to look for defects in others unfits the soul for communion with God. This is the leaven of evil. The very act of looking for evil in others develops defects in those who look. These would be alarmed could they see the facts that are registered against them in the books of heaven.” The Youth’s Instructor, September 21, 1899. [Emphasis supplied.]

If all of our spiritual noses were lifted up and not around, there would be such a unity in purpose where now there is dis-ease and dis-unity.

Let us each pray for each other and ask that our influence will touch hearts around us in a heavenly manner that will not cause dis-ease or dis-unity. We want our lives to be Christlike, lives that will work for the salvation of souls and not for their destruction.

There is no joy in gathering darts from your neighbor’s closet which will cause dis-ease. The salt that we are using for our spiritual noses has lost its savor, which means there is no influence for good in the world because it has lost its savor. Let’s seek more earnestly for a deeper experience.

Father in heaven, I ask you to take my heart and fill it with saving salt—the righteousness of our Savior, so that my spiritual nose may be continually healed, that it may respond to the influence of the Holy Spirit and be a channel through which Your blessings may flow. Without your blessings and the saving salt, my spiritual nose will cause dis-ease and dis-unity. You have promised that if I delight myself in Thee that You will give me the desires of my heart. Psalm 37:4. I claim that promise right now so others may be blessed around me. Thank you.

Turn this key to the storehouse right now so you may inhale that spiritual salt and receive the righteousness of our Savior for continued healing.