Keys to the Storehouse – Those Weary Feet

The footwashing service is a time when I never know what to think or what to say. It is such a solemn occasion. I know that my heart is pleading for God to cleanse me from all of my unrighteousness, but sometimes I think that even that is kind of selfish, because I am just praying for myself. What or how do I pray for another at this special, solemn time of serving others? It is just amazing that here we are, brothers and sisters, gathered together in the name of Jesus, but are at a loss for words to entreat humbly for one another.

As I am washing another’s feet, my prayer is ascending to God that He will continually wash the dust from our feet that has been collected while walking on this earth and that His healing touch be applied where the dust has caused harm. My mind has been blank to what other blessing I may ask God to give to my sister in footwashing. I think that we forget that each one of us is struggling to walk on that straight path. We are told to, “Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others.” Philippians 2:4. How thoughtless we become at times to just think of ourselves and pray only for ourselves.

As I was reading through volume 2 of Manuscript Releases one evening, the following was revealed to me and I was so excited and humbled that God would bring this to my attention. I want you to be as excited and blessed as I was in reading this.

On pages 346, 347, Sister White shares her experience: “I was greatly blessed while engaged in washing the feet of my dear mother. It seemed to me to be the last time I should have the privilege. I felt called out to cry earnestly unto God that those weary feet might run in the way of God’s commandments, travel the whole length of the Christian road, and after her weary pilgrimage is ended lay off her armor at the feet of her Redeemer, and finally stand upon the Mount Zion and walk the streets of gold. We wept together and that season will be long remembered. A holy solemnity pervaded the congregation. The place seemed awful and solemn on account of the presence of the Lord. After we had followed the example of our Lord in washing feet, we partook of the communion. It was an impressive scene as we called to mind the sufferings of our dear Saviour for our sins. Our hearts were deeply melted, and overflowed with gratitude and love to Him who had paid such a dear price to ransom us from the power of Satan and hopeless misery.”

Do you feel called out to cry earnestly unto God and to plead for another’s feet as you are washing? Plead for God’s Holy Spirit to put words within your heart for them. Use the above as the basis for your own personalized silent prayer as follows:

O Heavenly Father, as I bow in humiliation before Thee to wash these precious feet, I ask earnestly that these weary feet might run in the way of Your commandments. I pray that these precious feet will travel the whole length of the Christian road and when their weary pilgrimage is ended, that they lay off their armor at the feet of our dear Redeemer and Savior, Jesus Christ, to stand upon Mount Zion and walk those streets of gold. I pray that these feet will be able to walk on those streets of gold. Thank you, Father. Amen.

Turn this Key to the storehouse and walk into His presence where there are wonders beyond our imagination!