Editorial – The Power Needed at This Time

When David met Goliath, to the on-looking multitude, it appeared that all of the advantage lay with the giant. It was not until Goliath lay dead that the scene changed and the reality of the matter became apparent. Do you know that there is coming a time when even the weakest in the church will be like David? That we may be a part of this group, let us review how It was that David received the superior power that enabled him to overcome in the battle with Goliath.

“Modest and unassuming, he [David] did not make this declaration [to Goliath] trusting in his own wisdom, skill, or power, but in the strength of God, who had delivered him out of the paw of the lion and the bear when he was watching his father’s flocks in the wilderness. . . .

“Here we have an example of lofty courage, of a humble, but living faith. David’s trust was not in himself, neither was his motive a selfish one. But he was ready, in the strength of God, to meet Israel’s foe, to test Jehovah’s might against a heathen giant, that he might ‘take away the reproach from Israel.’ This was the divine plan for distinguishing David, Israel’s future king, and for humbling the adversaries of the true God.

“Those who are loyal to God, keeping all of His Commandments, will meet a spirit of opposition similar to that which David encountered. Learned men, proud and boastful in their supposed superiority, will feel, as did Goliath, to despise the little band who are loyal to God. Many of these never graduated from a college; but, with the Bible in their hands, they stand in defense of the truth of God, and vindicate His Sabbath, which has been trodden beneath lawless feet. But the Lord can make His strength perfect in man’s weakness. If, like David, men will forget self, and seek to honor God and to vindicate His name and His truth, He will work mightily with them, and crown their efforts with success. But there are many who take the glory to themselves if the work of God is prospered in their hands. They become proud and self-sufficient, and flatter themselves that their success is owing to their own superior abilities. Prosperity would often prove the ruin of the one thus honored of the Lord. Our compassionate Father in Heaven pities the weakness of our nature, and bears long with our follies. If this were not the case, He would not have given His Son to come to a fallen world and bear the buffetings and temptations of Satan, that He might show men how to overcome. The enemies of the truth will grow stronger and more bitter in their opposition to the Law of God. They will resort to ridicule and insult; they will wrest and misinterpret the Scriptures, and will sustain their positions by human opinions and arguments. They will present things in a false light, and thus pervert even honest minds. They will glory in their strength, as did the Philistine giant, and for a time they may appear to prosper. But their triumph will not always last; they will themselves fall into the pit which they have digged for others.

“God brings us into trials in order that we may be drawn nearer to Him. The psalmist says, ‘Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivereth him out of them all.’ David was a representative man. His history is of interest to every soul who is striving for eternal victories. In his life, two powers struggled for the mastery. Unbelief marshaled its forces, and tried to eclipse the light shining upon him from the throne of God. Day by day the battle went on in his heart, Satan disputing every step of advance made by the forces of righteousness. David understood what it meant to fight against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world. At times it seemed that the enemy must gain the victory. But in the end, faith conquered, and David rejoiced in the saving power of Jehovah.” Signs of the Times, March 4, 1886.

Before meeting Goliath, God brought David through experiences that were designed to develop his faith. In his encounter with the bear and the lion, David was preparing himself to meet larger tests. In meeting our day to day trials, we need to ask ourselves if we are dealing with these apparent obstacles and obstructions to progress as blessings in disguise, learning from them the lessons God designs that we should, so that we will be prepared for the really large trials we will all soon be forced to meet.