Question – How Do I Know That I’m a Christian?


How Do I Know That I’m a Christian?


“What is it to be a Christian? It is to be Christlike; it is to do the works of Christ.” Lift Him Up, 341.

“The question you need to put to yourselves is, ‘Am I a Christian?’ To be a Christian is to be far more than many understand. It means more than simply having your name upon the church records. It means to be joined to Christ …

“As sons and daughters of God, Christians should strive to reach the high ideal set before them in the gospel. They should be content with nothing less than perfection.” The Faith I Live By, 130.

“Everyone who claims to be a Christian is to bear the responsibility of keeping himself in harmony with the guidance of the word of God. God holds each soul accountable for following, for himself, the pattern given in the life of Christ and for having a character that is cleansed and sanctified.” Evangelism, 343.

“When you took the name of Christian you promised in this life to prepare for the higher life in the kingdom of God. To be a Christian means to be Christlike. Not a satanic feature is to remain on mind or body, which are to reveal comeliness, purity, integrity, and dignity. Take the Christlife as your pattern.” In Heavenly Places, 286.

“To be a Christian is not merely to take the name of Christ, but to have the mind of Christ, to submit to the will of God in all things.” That I May Know Him, 174.

“We bear the name of Christian. Let us be true to this name … In the life of the true Christian there is nothing of self—self is dead.” Our Father Cares, 236.

“Not only did Christ die as our sacrifice, but He lived as our example. In His human nature He stands, complete, perfect, spotless. To be a Christian is to be Christlike. Our entire being—soul, body, and spirit—must be purified, ennobled, sanctified, until we shall reflect His image and imitate His example.” That I May Know Him, 311.

“Love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, faith and charity are the elements of the Christian character … They are the Christian’s crown and shield …

“As you receive the Spirit of Christ … you will grow and bring forth fruit. The graces of the Spirit will ripen in your character.

“This fruit can never perish, but will produce after its kind a harvest unto eternal life.” Sons and Daughters of God, 32.