Reporting from Tanzania, East Africa – The Simplest Means

In what is called the “African Bush,” millions of acres are home to hundreds of various tribes of native African people. Today’s true story comes from the bush of Tanzania, East Africa. How will the Lord get the Three Angels’ Messages to these extremely remote and unentered areas?

This account relates how God can use very simple ways. Our story begins on perhaps an ordinary day in the African bush. Although no one really knows exactly how it all happened, many facts remain to tell the story. A literature evangelist was faithfully going about his duties selling Seventh-day Adventist literature to village people in Tanzania. A number of folks from the Roman Catholic belief became very alarmed as the evangelist’s literature exposed false religion.

As has been the case in ages past, it was determined by them that this man must be stopped at all costs. So a plan was conspired and at a certain place in the bush, the evangelist was attacked as he passed that way. With weapons raised high, the villains slew this dear man of God and fled, leaving him unburied beneath the hot African sun. The ants quickly did their fearful work and soon nothing but bones remained!

The evangelist’s friends never heard from him again nor did they know his whereabouts. Week after week, month after month passed by. Then almost one year later, a dog from the nearby village happened to come upon the area. He eagerly sniffed among the sun-bleached, white bones of the evangelist, and came across a leather satchel that belonged to the evangelist. He heartily began to chew on the corners, but not content to remain there, the canine gracefully carried the leather satchel in its mouth and headed for his master’s mud hut.

Upon arriving he resumed his activity of gnawing at the hardened leather treasure he had found. Little did the dog know that someone in the family also noticed the cargo that he had carried home. So the master of the house came to inspect what his dog had and carefully opened the hardened, weather-beaten leather case and to his surprise, out came some message books still in fairly good condition. The messages were eagerly read, shared with others, and accepted.

Unkind men instigated by evil angels had sought to prevent God’s Word from reaching those in the darkness of error and superstition but they all failed. The Three Angels’ Messages must go through and God used an ordinary village dog to bring the glad tidings.

Today in that region of Tanzania, there is a large company of believers who assemble each Sabbath and worship the Creator. Many wonder in awe as God used this simple means to enlighten His people. How much more can God use us if we place our wills on His side. “O ye of little faith.” Some say, “I can’t preach or talk with people very well,” neither could this dog, but God used it to accomplish His purpose.

“There is no limit to the usefulness of the one who, putting self aside, makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit upon his heart and lives wholly consecrated to God.” Desire of Ages, 250.

“It is not alone the most talented, not alone those who hold high positions of trust, or are the most highly educated from a worldly point of view, whom the Lord uses to do His grand and holy work of soul-saving. He will use simple means; He will use many who have had few advantages to help in carrying forward His work. He will, by the use of simple means, bring those who possess property and lands to a belief of the truth, and these will be influenced to become the Lord’s helping hand in the advancement of His work.” Letter 62, 1909.