Testimony – Maine Blizzard

God’s Answer to Prayer

In just a few short hours the winds were raging as the snow swirled in unabated fury. As the hours passed the snow grew deeper as the winds picked up speed, creating huge drifts everywhere.As it began to snow we almost didn’t notice the small floating snowflakes falling from the sky that morning. The weather report had forecasted that by 11:00 a.m. snow would be falling in all of Maine.

Although reluctant, we knew we had to go out there and remove as much snow as possible from our driveway and the walkway to our front door. We soon realized this blizzard would deliver a massive amount of snow. We remembered last winter not being able to open our front door due to such high snow and drifts. A large snow machine had to come and clear the way.

Our efforts this time were in vain, as so much snow was falling so quickly. Huge, swirling high speed winds of blowing snow made it impossible for us to continue shoveling.

After battling the storm for a few hours, we came inside and prayed that God would somehow deliver us from this blizzard – we were so tired with trying to remove the snow with only shovels, without the help of our large snowblower that was in the shop for repairs. Every 15–20 minutes I still had to go out our front door and remove snowdrifts from our walkway that had accumulated so quickly.

The snow had been blowing and drifting from north to south across the length of our roof onto the sidewalk and driveway all day and evening. Though exhausted, I was ready to continue removal of the snow and drifting into the night, or all night, if necessary. Coming in and out of the front door to the warmth of the wood stove blazing on the front porch was a short reprieve. All the while I continued to pray, pleading with God, “Lord, please help me in this battle, I must sleep now.”

It was now about 2:30 a.m., and I realized I may have to continue this snow vigil through the night. And then, a very curious thing happened. While the winds were still raging, the next time I looked out the front door, I noticed that the snow had no longer accumulated on the walkway since the last time I had removed it. So, I waited awhile and went back to check, and the same thing: no more snow. The snow had not stopped falling, it just wasn’t falling there anymore.

After checking for the third time, I gratefully thanked the Lord, while not yet realizing what had happened. I started to hear the windows on the front porch clattering loudly. After this began, I understood what happened. The wind that had been blowing the snow from our roof all day suddenly had changed course completely. It was now blowing across the width of the roof from west to east, totally bypassing the sidewalk and driveway.

Our front porch windows continued to rattle, and as the new direction of the winds took hold I knew that God had answered our prayers. As the high winds continued to rush at the glass windows in a fury, I felt they might break, but I knew in my heart that my God, who could change the direction of the winds, would surely not let those windows break. I finally fell asleep peacefully on the sofa in front of the warm wood stove.

God has so many ways to answer our prayers that we know nothing about. I think He wants us to trust Him, and to be amazed when He answers in ways we cannot even imagine.

This whole experience makes me think of this wonderful old song:

Will Your Anchor Hold? (Last verse)

When our eyes behold, in the dawning light,

Shining gates of pearl, our harbor bright,

We shall anchor fast to the heavenly shore,

With the storms all past forevermore.


We have an anchor that keeps the soul

Steadfast and sure while the billows roll.

Fastened to the Rock which cannot move

Grounded firm and deep in the Savior’s love.

Priscilla J. Owens, 1882/William J. Kirkpatrick

We are looking forward to spring – and in the near future, to our heavenly home where spring reigns eternal.