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2004 April

Nothing to Fear. . . , Part II

A prophet will have visions and dreams. (Numbers 12:6.) This must be documented from public or published evidence before you can be sure that any person who claims to be a prophet really has the prophetic gift.

The Meaning of the Cross

...we are going to spend all of eternity studying the meaning of the cross; it is the focal point of everything else. (See The Sanctified Life, 93, 94.) My college freshman, composition teacher taught that, when writing a paper, you need to limit...

The Depth of the Cross

The cross also reveals the enormity of the depth of God’s love. It leads us to a deeper message of His love than we have ever known before. This is the way Paul expresses it: “For He [God] made Him [Christ] who knew no sin [to be] sin for us,...

Lessons From the Book of Amos, Part V

Perhaps you have never before studied the Book of Amos. I have chosen the Book of Amos in developing a series of articles to give us an understanding of the New Testament. You may wonder how Amos of the Old Testament is going to help us with the New Testament.

What If . . . Almost

What if and almost speak of aborted opportunities and missed chances. Have you ever played the What if and Almost games in your life? What if I had accepted that job across the considered how Almost impacts our spiritual lives, and how our lives would be affected if Jesus had played the game of What ... Read more

The Power of Speech, Part IV

When some one comes to you with an evil report of some one else, do not take up the reproach and talk it over, either in the family or in the church. Do not add your complaints to those of others.

Children’s Story – Too Many Feathers

He should get a large bag of feathers (duck and chicken feathers would be fine). He was told to then take this bag with him late in the evening as he walked through town, and scatter handfuls of feathers along the streets, in the alleyways, and everywhere, until all the feathers were gone.

Restoring the Temple – Cholesterol

Cholesterol can be a confusing subject. You have probably heard that there is both good and bad cholesterol, but what does that mean? First, let us address what cholesterol is and what its role is in the body.

Nature Nugget – Champion Trees

There is a champion tree in Heaven whose glory surpasses that of all other trees. “The fruit of the tree of life in the Garden of Eden possessed supernatural virtue....

The Pen of Inspiration – The Miracle at the Temple Gate

A short time after the descent of the Holy Spirit, and immediately after a season of earnest prayer, Peter and John, going up to the temple to worship, saw at the gate of the temple a cripple, forty years of age, whose life, from his birth, had been one of pain and infirmity.

Ask the Pastor – Power on Her Head

Question: In the Bible, 1 Corinthians 11:10 says, “For this cause ought the woman to have power on [her] head because of the angels.” What is this text talking about? Answer: First of all, remember that no text is to be looked at without its context.

Food for Life – Jim’s Patties

The regenerated man has a vital union with Christ. As the branch derives its sustenance from the parent stock, and because of this bears much fruit, so the true believer is united with Christ, and reveals in his life the fruits of the Spirit. The branch becomes one with the vine. Storm cannot carry it ... Read more

Bible Study Guides – God’s Guidance and Care

May 1, 2004 - May 7, 2004 - With the eye of faith, with childlike submission as obedient children, we must look to God, to follow His guidance, and difficulties will clear away. The promise is, ‘I will instruct thee and teach thee.’ Psalm 32:8.”

Bible Study Guides – Patience; Power of the Tongue

May 8, 2004 - May 14, 2004 - The right culture and use of the power of speech has to do with every line of Christian work; it enters into the home life, and into all our intercourse with one another. We should accustom ourselves to speak in pleasant tones, to use pure and correct ... Read more

Bible Study Guides – A Christian Home

May 15, 2004 - May 21, 2004 - ...the necessity of religion in the home. Among the members of the household there is ever to be a kind, thoughtful consideration. Morning and evening let all hearts be united in reverent worship.

Bible Study Guides – Reverence in the House of God

May 22, 2004 - May 28, 2004 - Elevate the standard of Christianity in the minds of your children; help them to weave Jesus into their experience; teach them to have the highest reverence for the house of God...

All Bible texts, unless appearing in quoted references or otherwise identified, are from the New King James Version.