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2019 December

Bible Study Guides – Book of Joshua – Cooperating for Success

January 5, 2020 – January 11, 2020 - Let us not discourage one another. Let us take hold unitedly to make every line of the Lord’s work a success.

Bible Study Guides – Book of Joshua – Clinging to God’s Presence

January 12, 2020 – January 18, 2020 - He sometimes tries the confidence of His people by bringing about circumstances which compel them to move forward in faith.

Bible Study Guides – Book of Joshua – Victory at Jericho

January 19, 2020 – January 25, 2020 - In these days few would follow the directions given through God’s chosen servant as obediently as did the armies of Israel at the taking of Jericho.

Editorial – A New Creature

Holy tempers and sanctified emotions are now the fruit borne upon the Christian tree. An entire transformation has taken place. This is the work to be wrought.

Faith That Works

This is an age famous for surface work, for easy methods, for boasted holiness aside from the standard of character that God has erected.

The True Vine

Israel was God’s choice vine, planted by Him to be the avenue to Christ—“the true vine”—the only source of salvation for the nations of earth. But ancient Israel did not fulfill God’s purpose.

The Easy Yoke

The majority of the people in this world are not even interested in Christ’s yoke at all; they’re just carrying their own program, wanting to live their own life, do their own thing.

Pen of Inspiration – An All-Powerful Saviour

You have the assurance that as you renounce your own righteousness, you will be clothed with His righteousness.

Keys to the Storehouse – Accept a Boost!

These are the most wonderful incentives and encouragements to give our hearts to the loving service of our Creator and Redeemer. Read that list again.

Children’s Story – How Grandma Came for Christmas

But at last the day had come! It was a week before Christmas, and of course everybody was wanting all the money he could find for presents and new dresses and things.

Question & Answer – What is the meaning of Sackcloth?

Heresy and superstition are clothing the world in the sackcloth garments of rebellion and transgression.

Health – Raw is Not New

During that time, a German food scientist named Werner Kollath conducted a test of a processed food diet on lab animals.

Food – Cardamom, the Next Turmeric?

it is now becoming notorious for its medicinal purposes, including combating a variety of ailments, counteracting digestive problems, reducing inflammation in the stomach lining, while calming heartburn and nausea naturally.

Recipe – Banana Blueberry Bars

Banana Blueberry Bars

Bible Study Guides – Book of Joshua – Courageous Leadership

December 29, 2019 – January 4, 2020 - If there had been no peril before Joshua, God would not over and over again have charged him to be of good courage. But amid all his cares, Joshua had his God to guide him.

All Bible texts, unless appearing in quoted references or otherwise identified, are from the New King James Version.