The Bible Only

Editors Note: This is a report from the Hungarian Adventist Community “The Bible Only”. The first section of this report is extracts from the official registration document of their organization, which was sent to us in this form. We have done no editing.

“We do not consider ourselves a separate church or movement. We regard ourselves merely as a fellowship of churches. As far as our religious beliefs are concerned, we are Seventh-day Adventists. We feel and profess ourselves to belong to the worldwide Adventist Community and wish to avoid even the appearance of being an alternative church or movement.

“There arose a discord between the policy and the leadership of the Hungarian SDA Church and a large protesting group of pastors and church members during the Communist era, since we adhered to the original beliefs and norms for which, the leaders of the Hungarian Church departed. They did not admit our protest but removed us from the church by illegal disciplinary action or by the pressure of conscience. Unfortunately the dispute could not be settled satisfactorily even after the years of encroachment by the State on church affairs had past, although we did make every effort to between 1975 and 1990.

“We cannot see any hope for the situation to change within a reasonable time. The maintenance of our churches thus being a necessity, in the interest of their development we ask for the registration of our group as a legal personality, i.e. the bearer of legal rights and duties to be recognized by the law.

“On formulating our constitution and asking for registration, we state the following:

“We consider all SDA churches in Hungary and abroad our fellow-churches as well as all SDA believers our brethren.

“We also maintain readiness to consider a merger at any later time when its conditions are fulfilled.”


Report of Churches

Membership: 1410
(Number of church members and visitors regularly attending our services: approximately 220.)

Number of pastors: 36

Number of further employees: 38



“Sola Scriptura” A Pastor’s Training and Theological College

Number of full-time students, Pastors Training School: 22

Number of correspondence students Bible Teacher’s School: 256

(Number of students, Extension School: 261)

“Fellowship of Bible Schools” Publishing House

Number of regular publications (journals, Sabbath School lessons for children and adults): 5

Number of books published since 1990:27

Old People’s Home, Lovasbereny

Number of residents: 16

Old People’s Home, Elek

Number of residents: 34

Youth Camp, Bozsva

Capacity: 300

Youth Camp, Torokkoppany

Capacity: 240

“Hope” Children’s Village, Nagoes

Number of adoptive families: 4

Number of adopted children: 19


PART TWO – Sola Scriptura (The Bible Only)

“Pastor’s Training and Theological College”

Our mission: The name of the college “Sola Scriptura” (the Bible only) refers to the vital principal of the XVIth century Reformation, namely the sole authority of the Scriptures. It signifies the trend of theology we follow and consider our commitment to represent in the world. We claim to be accurate and demanding in the study of the Bible consulting the related disciplines, such as linguistics, history, archeology, etc. But our main objective is to explore the very essence of the Bible, that is the divine thoughts of their own context or system. In summary, we want to promote the accomplishment of the Word-growing program, so that Acts 19:20 may come true again: “Mightily grew the Word of God and prevailed.” We strongly believe that, by doing so, we prepare the way for Christ’s glorious second coming, which is at hand. We want to prepare young men and women to be heralds of the authentic gospel, giving the knowledge of salvation (Luke 1:77) to the people of this world.


About the Schools

The Pastor’s Training School educates full time SDA students for qualified pastors, publishers, and Bible teachers. (Length of study: Four years. Graduates will be holders of a Pastor’s Diploma.)

The correspondence course Bible Teacher’s School provides academic study for those SDA and non SDA adults—regardless of their denomination—who want regular education in Biblical theology for college credit. (Length of study: Three years. Graduates will be holders of a Bible Teacher’s Diploma.) As the students of this school are of different denominations, the freedom of conscience is held in respect. The teaching being informative, the students are not called to account for their identification with the syllabus. Nevertheless, we believe and experience, too, that God’s Word shall not return void. Isaiah 55:11. The education given by this school sows the seeds of the Word in a wide territory, which will bear fruits in good time and at the right places.

The students of Extension School are given the opportunity to follow the correspondence course without sitting for exams and getting a credit.

By taking mainly full-time students from abroad, especially from the neighboring countries we wish to help God’s worldwide work.


The History of the College

It was established as early as 1975, but was forced underground until the election of the first democratic government after the collapse of Communism in 1990. Reorganized in 1992, it became recognized by the state. Full-time education was started in the same year.

Present date:

Number of teachers: 9

Number of full-time students, Pastor’s Training School: 22 (The students of this School are from Hungary, Ukraine, Yugoslavia, and Romania)

Number of correspondence students, Bible Teacher’s School: 376

Number of students Extension School: 243

It is registered as a legal personality and as an independent institution, forms part of the organization of the Christian Adventist Community regularly subsidized by the same. It does not take any financial support from the State.