Current Events – Brexit and Prophecy

Recorded in Daniel 2 is the story of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream in which he saw a huge statue. This statue had a head of gold, chest of silver, loins of brass, legs of iron and feet that were iron mixed with clay. Daniel interpreted this dream, telling the king that his dynasty was the head of gold which would be followed by Media and Persia, Greece and Rome symbolized by the various metals. Then the feet were represented by a mixture of iron and clay which cannot mix well together for strength. This mixture represents the countries of Europe. Some are strong and others are weak. It is often considered that the stronger countries meddle in the affairs of the weaker countries. Old hatreds, seemingly buried for many years in the ruins of World War II, are suddenly resurfacing.

The European Union has its roots after World War II when the people realized that to have peace there must be an economic base that would not cause any rivalry or hate. Many people do not understand that religion was and remains an important ingredient in the establishment of the economic union. The president of the E. U. wrote in 2000 that he believed there must be something cultural—not economic—to hold the countries together, suggesting that the one thing held in common was loyalty to the church. Many attempts have been made to make Europe into a powerhouse – Napoleon tried without success and more recently Hitler attempted but also failed.

Britain is one of the three biggest contributors to the Union. Their departure will leave a huge vacuum at its heart. Prophecy has foretold that there will not be another united Europe and all attempts at union will fail.

Professing to know little of why the British chose to leave the Union, Pope Francis made this comment:

“Give more independence, give greater freedom to the countries of the Union. Think of another form of union, be creative, something is not working in this massive Union.” He said that this current crisis did not mean “we throw out the baby with the bath water.”

In his Charlemagne speech in May, 2016, Pope Francis said that what Europe must now do is “promote an integration that finds in solidarity a way of acting, a means of making history.”

However, there was more to Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. A rock, small at first, smashes the feet of iron and clay. That rock represents Jesus and His kingdom. As we see the events come to pass we have assurance that His kingdom will soon be established.