Editorial – The Testing Time

In the letter to the Ephesians the Apostle Paul said that Jesus was going to purify to Himself a church that would be without spot or wrinkle or any such thing but rather would be holy and without blemish or defect. We are in the period of time when this process is in its final development. Instead of quibbling about things like the church militant versus the church triumphant as has been the habit of so many, we should be earnestly asking ourselves the question, “Am I ready for Jesus to come or not?” We are in the testing time right now: “Though all nations are to pass in judgment before God, yet He will examine the case of each individual with as close and searching scrutiny as if there were not another being upon the earth. Everyone must be tested and found without spot or wrinkle or any such thing.

“Solemn are the scenes connected with the closing work of the atonement. Momentous are the interests involved therein. The judgment is now passing in the sanctuary above.” The Great Controversy, 490.

The following quotations explain the issues at stake in this testing process and what we must do if we are to pass the test.

“What is it to be a light to the world? It is to recognize Christ as our example. It is to show Christian politeness, never to scold and fret, but to be in a condition where we can constantly carry the minds of others upward. This is the work of everyone who names the name of Christ. It is to depart from the works of iniquity; it is to wash our garments in the blood of the Lamb. We are in the washing and ironing time. Now we are to have every sin and iniquity taken from us, and the white linen put upon us, the wedding garment.” Sermons and Talks, vol. 2, 52, 53.

“Many now pass as Sabbath-keepers who, when the test comes upon the question, will no longer have a place among those who observe God’s commandments.” The Signs of the Times, June 2, 1890.

“The worshipers are to pass under the measuring line of God. Who will bear the test? Christ says, ‘I know thy works.’ Nothing is hid from him of whom John says, ‘His head and his hair were white like wool, white as snow, and his eyes were as a flame of fire.’ How many are purifying their souls by obeying the truth? How many are now in this time wholly on the Lord’s side? How many are seeking to be a blessing to those around them? Many need help, kind words, thoughtful attentions; and if you pray with such, you may be a blessing to them.” The Youth’s Instructor, August 25, 1886.

“All earthly honors are soon to pass away. It is moral worth that will endure, and will stand the test of trial.” Manuscript Releases, vol. 19, 191.