Editorial – What Is Your Attitude Toward Sin?

Sin is the breaking of God’s law and your attitude toward sin is a revelation: (1) whether you are converted, (2) whether you are getting ready to go to heaven or hell, and (3) whether or not you are sanctified (Hebrews 12; 1 Peter 1).

“The world loves sin, and hates righteousness, and this was the cause of its hostility to Jesus. All who refuse His infinite love will find Christianity a disturbing element. … While those who yield to the influence of the Holy Spirit begin war with themselves, those who cling to sin war against the truth and its representatives.” The Desire of Ages, 306

“Christ hated one thing only, and that was sin. But although He represented in His spotless character the character of His Father, yet the world hated and refused Him. … The atmosphere that surrounded His soul was so pure, so elevated, that it placed the hypocritical rabbis, priests, and rulers in their true position, and revealed them in their real character as claiming sanctity, while misrepresenting God and His truth. … when He reproved sin, made open war upon selfishness, oppression, hypocrisy, pride, covetousness, and lust, they hunted Him down as a malefactor.” The Bible Echo, April 9, 1894

“We are never alone. Whether we choose Him or not, we have a companion. Remember that wherever you are, whatever you do, God is there. Nothing that is said or done or thought can escape His attention. To your every word or deed you have a witness—the holy, sin-hating God. Before you speak or act, always think of this.” The Ministry of Healing, 490

“A sin-hating God calls upon those who claim to keep His law to depart from all iniquity. A neglect to repent and to render willing obedience will bring upon men and women today as serious consequences as came upon ancient Israel.” Prophets and Kings, 416

“Do you see the defects in your character, and are you compelled to admit that you have made no decided advance in overcoming these unholy traits? Remember that if not overcome, these will surely separate you from the presence of a pure, holy, sin-hating God, and close the doors of the heavenly mansions against you.” The Signs of the Times, January 4, 1883