Food for Life – Brownies

“If February gives much snow,
a fine summer it doth foreshow.”
English Rhyme.

This year we will be looking through “Counsels on Health” to see if we can keep our hearts tuned to the divine blueprint.

“When Christ first saw the multitudes that gathered about Him, He was moved with compassion on them, because they fainted and were scattered abroad as sheep having no shepherd. Christ saw the sickness, the sorrow, the want and degradation of the multitudes that thronged His steps. To Him were presented the needs and woes of humanity throughout the world. Among the high and the low, the most honored and the most degraded, he beheld souls who were longing for the very blessing He had come to bring; souls who needed only a knowledge of His grace to become subjects of His kingdom.

“Today, the same needs exist. The world is in need of workers who will labor as Christ did for the suffering and the sinful. There is indeed a multitude to be reached. The world is full of sickness, suffering, distress, and sin. It is full of those who need to be ministered unto…the weak, the helpless, the ignorant, the degraded.

“Many of the youth of this generation, in the midst of churches, religious institutions, and professedly Christian homes, are choosing the path to destruction. Through intemperate habits they bring upon themselves disease, and through greed to obtain money for sinful indulgences they fall into dishonest practices. Health and character are ruined. Aliens from God, and outcasts from society, these poor souls feel that they are without hope either for this life or for the life to come. The hearts of parents are broken. Men speak of these erring ones as hopeless; but God looks upon them with pitying tenderness. He understands all the circumstances that have led them to fall under temptation. This is a class that demands labor.

“Nigh and afar off are souls, not only the youth, but those of all ages, who are in poverty and distress, sunken in sin, and weighted down with a sense of guilt. It is the work of God’s servants to seek for these souls, to pray with them and for them, and lead them step by step to the Saviour.

“But those who do not recognize the claims of God are not the only ones who are in distress and in need of help. In the world today, where selfishness, greed, and oppression rules, many of the Lord’s true children are in need and affliction. In lowly, miserable places, surrounded with poverty, disease, and guilt, many are patient bearing their own burden of suffering, and trying to comfort the hopeless and sin-stricken about hem. Many of them are almost unknown to the churches or to the ministers; but they are the Lord’s lights, shining amid the darkness.” Counsels on Health, 13, 14.

Recipe – Brownies

1 pound nuts (walnuts, pecans, peanuts)
1 pound dates or date pieces
1 cup whole wheat flour
1 tablespoon nonalcoholic vanilla
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
3 tablespoons (heaping) carob powder
soy or cashew mild to hold together

Mix thoroughly and bake at 275° for 1 hour.