Food for Life – Nut Banana Loaf

“The word organic has a specific meaning in chemistry and describes any compound based on carbon. Carbon dioxide, methane, and butane, as well as fat, starch, sugar, and protein are examples of natural organic compounds. In addition to compounds found in nature, modern science has created synthetic organic compounds. Nylon, for example, is a synthetic made from compounds found in oats. Most synthetic fibers and plastic products are made from natural raw materials, and are thus called synthetic organic compounds.

“Drinking water contains both natural and synthetic organic compounds, and they can create health problems. Some organics are what nightmares are made of.

“The Hudson River Valley in New York State is a place of great scenic beauty. . . . The land rises in palisades on one side of the river, affording magnificent views. . . . The Sunday sailors who take their snarks and snipes for a run in the summer breeze can look into the water and see fish swimming in large schools. In fact, the number of fish seems to be increasing each year….Indeed, the Hudson looks as if it has defied the odds and remained pristine in spite of the chemicals dumped by the riverside industries. But looks are deceptive.

“The Hudson River is so polluted with chemicals that the river’s fishing industry was shut down by the state in February 1976. Toxins such as benzene, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), tetrahydrofuran, toluene, and chloroform (among others) were found in such high quantities that fish caught in the Hudson are considered unfit to eat.

“A 1977 study by the Environmental Protection Agency identified 280 organic compounds in the waterways. A joint study by two environmental activist groups,…found that some of the most potent cancer-causing toxins and chemicals known to cause birth defects were present in the water that served 150,000 people in and around Poughkeepsie. And if the plans set forth by the Army Corps of Engineers are accepted, this water will serve 10 million additional people of the New York metropolitan area.

“Other guests at the chemical feast include: Philadelphians, who drink water from the Delaware River and are subjected to varying amounts of PCBs, a dangerous toxin. The former residents of Love Canal, a small housing development built on a filled-in canal near Niagara Falls. Their drinking water was contaminated by a landfill containing 82 chemical compounds, including 11 known or suspected carcinogens. Some residents of Canton, Connecticut, have been advised to buy bottled water because seven of the town’s wells contain extremely high levels of chemicals known to cause cancer in laboratory animals. Water is to Drink, by Carol Keough, 7–9.

Now we can begin to understand God’s final warning to His people that in the last days everything will be polluted, the air, the water, and the animals . . . everything! So people beware! It is an unsafe world out there, but for the protection of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ over His chosen ones.

Recipe – Nut Banana Loaf

½ cup nuts, ground fine

½ cup Uncle Sam’s Cereal Flakes

½ cup ground dates

1 cup raisins, ground fine

2 ripe bananas

Mix ingredients thoroughly and put into baking pan.

Bake at 300–325° for 45 minutes.