Food for Life – Oatmeal Crackers

Happy New Year! “Thousands of dollars will be worse than thrown away upon the coming… New Year in needless indulgences. But it is our privilege to depart from the customs and practices of this degenerate age; and instead of expending means merely for the gratification of the appetite or for needless ornaments or articles of clothing, we may make the coming holidays an occasion in which to honor and glorify God.” The Adventist Home, 480.

“…New Year celebrations can and should be held in behalf of those who are helpless. God is glorified when we give to help those who have large families to support.” Ibid., 482.

“Angels of God are waiting to show you the path of life.… Decide now, at the commencement of the New Year, that you will choose the path of righteousness, that you will be earnest and true-hearted, and that life with you shall not prove a mistake. Go forward, guided by the heavenly angels; be courageous; be enterprising; let your light shine; and may the words of inspiration be applicable to you— “I write unto you, young men [and women], because you are strong and have overcome the wicked one.” My Life Today, 5.

“The observance of temperance and regularity in ALL things has a wonderful power. It will do more than circumstances or natural endowments in promoting that sweetness and serenity of disposition which count so much in smoothing life’s pathway. At the same time the power of self–control thus acquired will be found one of the most valuable equipments for grappling successfully with the stern duties and realities that await every human being.

“We urge that the principles of temperance be carried into ALL the details of home life;…that self-denial and self-control should be taught to the children, and ENFORCED upon them, so far as consistent, from BABYHOOD.

“Children should be taught that they must not have their own way, but that the will of their parents must guide them. One of the MOST important lessons in this connection is the control of appetite. They should learn to eat at regular periods and to allow NOTHING to pass their lips between these stated meals.…

“Children reared in this way are much more easily controlled than those who are indulged in eating everything their appetite craves, and at all times. They are usually cheerful, contented, and healthy. Even the most stubborn, passionate, and wayward have become submissive, patient, and possessed of self-control by persistently following up this order of diet, united with a firm but kind management in regard to other matters.” My Life Today, 82. [Emphasis added.]

“God would have every household and every church exert a winning power to draw the children away from the seducing pleasures of the world and from association with those whose influence would have a corrupting tendency. Study to win the youth to Jesus.” The Adventist Home, 504, 505.

Again, let me wish each and every one of you the most blessed New Year, and God bless you!

Recipe – Oatmeal Crackers

2 cups distilled water

1 cup ground nuts

4 Tbsps. Date Sugar

1 lb. Oatmeal

1 tsp. Sea Salt

Mix together water, nuts, and date sugar. Knead in the oatmeal. Work dough thoroughly for 10 minutes. Roll out strips 1/3 inch wide and 2 inches long. Bake at 300º until dry all through, not too brown.