Food for Life – Remedies For Winter

“If February gives much snow A fine summer it doth foreshow.” —English Rhyme

“A brother was taken sick with inflammation of the bowels and bloody dysentery. The man was not a careful health reformer, but indulged his appetite. We were just preparing to leave Texas, where we had been laboring for several months, and we had carriages prepared to take away this brother and his family, and several others who were suffering from malarial fever. My husband and I thought we would stand this expense rather than have the heads of several families die and leave their wives and children unprovided for.

“Two or three were taken in a large spring wagon on spring mattresses. But this man who was suffering from inflammation of the bowels, sent for me to come to him. My husband and I decided that it would not do to move him. Fears were entertained that mortification had set in. Then the thought came to me like a communication from the Lord to take pulverized charcoal, put water upon it, and give this water to the sick man to drink, putting bandages of the charcoal over the bowels and stomach. We were about one mile from the city of Denison, but the sick man’s son went to a blacksmith’s shop, secured the charcoal, and pulverized it, and then used it according to the directions given. The result was that in half an hour there was a change for the better. We had to go on our journey and leave the family behind, but what was our surprise the following day to see their wagon overtake us. The sick man was lying in a bed in the wagon. The blessing of God had worked with the simple means used.” Selected Messages, Book 2, 299.

“‘My herb drink.—We need not go to China for our tea, or to Java for our coffee. Some have said: ‘Sister White uses tea, she keeps it in her house,’ and that she has placed it before them to drink. They have not told the truth because I do not use it, neither do I keep it in my house.…If you will come to my house I will show you the bag that contains my herb drink. I send to Michigan, across the mountains, and get the red-clover top.…

“I did not use tea when you were with us. I have always used red-clover top, as I stated to you. I offered you this, and told you it was a good, simple, and wholesome drink.…

“I do not preach one thing and practice another. I do not present to my hearers rules of life for them to follow while I make an exception in my own case.…

“I am not guilty of drinking any tea except red-clover-top tea, and if I loved wine, tea, and coffee, I would not use these health-destroying narcotics, for I prize health and I prize a healthful example in all these things. I want to be a pattern of temperance and of good works to others.” Ibid., 301, 302.

RECIPE – French Fruit Toast

¾ cup date rolls (chopped)

2 bananas

½ cup chopped coconut

¼ cup cashews (chopped)

1 teaspoon vanilla (non-alcoholic)

1 tablespoon whole wheat flour

¼ teaspoon sea salt

20 oz. can of crushed pineapple

1 loaf homemade bread

Place all ingredients (except bread) in blender and beat until smooth. Add any liquid, if mixture is too dry. Dip bread in the above mixture and place on a non-stick cookie sheet. Bake at 300–325 degrees for 30–45 minutes until lightly browned.