Food – Temperance or Intemperance?

What is it that brings May flowers?

Oh yes, April’s rains! We surely have had those haven’t we? How gracious is our Heavenly Father to know just what we need, and henceforth supplies it all. And in some cases, much more than we need…What terrible disasters, only to remind us once again that His coming is “even at the door.” In view of all of this, it does behoove each one of us to get our lives in readiness for that glorious day when He shall appear in all His beauty to reclaim all those who have been true and faithful to Him in all things.…even lifestyle!

“Often intemperance begins in the home. By the use of rich, unhealthful food, the digestive organs are weakened and a desire is created for food that is still more stimulating. Thus the appetite is educated to crave continually something stronger. The demand for stimulants becomes more frequent and more difficult to resist. The system becomes more of less filled with poison, and the more debilitated it becomes, the greater is the desire for these things. One step in the wrong direction prepares the way for another. Many, who would not be guilty of placing on their table wine or liquor of any kind, will load their table with food, which creates such a thirst for strong drink that to resist the temptation is almost impossible. Wrong habits of eating and drinking destroy the health and prepare the way for drunkenness.”

“There would soon be little necessity for temperance crusades, if in the youth who form and fashion society, right principles in regard to temperance could be implanted. Let parents begin a crusade against intemperance at their own firesides, in the principles they teach their children to follow from infancy, and they may hope for success.”

“There is work for mothers in helping their children to form correct habits and pure tastes. Educate the appetite; teach the children to abhor stimulants. Bring your children up to have moral stamina to resist the evil that surrounds them. Teach them that they are not to be swayed by others, that they are not to yield to strong influences, but to influence others for good.”

“Great efforts are made to put down intemperance; but there is much effort that is not directed to the right point. The advocates of temperance reform should be awake to the evils resulting from the use of unwholesome food, condiments, tea, and coffee…”

“All narcotics and unnatural stimulants that enfeeble and degrade the physical nature tend to lower the tone of the intellect and morals. Intemperance lies at the foundation of the moral depravity of the world. By the indulgence of perverted appetite, man loses his power to resist temptation.”

“In relation to tea, coffee, tobacco, and alcoholic drinks, the only safe course is to touch not, taste not, handle not. The tendency of tea, coffee, and similar drinks is in the same direction as that of alcoholic liquor and tobacco, and in some cases the habit is as difficult to break as it is for the drunkard to give up intoxicants. Those who attempt to leave off these stimulants will for a time feel loss, and will suffer without them. But by persistence they will overcome the craving, and cease to feel the lack. Nature may require a little time to recover from the abuse she has suffered; but give her a chance, and she will again rally, and perform her work nobly and well.” Ministry of Healing, 334, 335.

“Please keep in mind that when these words of God were written there were no cola drinks…. and these contain caffeine, which is so harmful, as is chocolate and cocoa. Is my prayer that God gives each and every one of you the victory over any of these to which you may be addicted.

Recipe – Grape Nut Pudding

1-1/2 tablespoons agar

¾ cup finely chopped raisins

¾ cup cooked prunes-finely-chopped

¾ cup Grape Nuts

2 cups boiling water or fruit juice

¾ cup finely chopped Walnuts

¼ cup chopped dates

Stir Agar into boiling water or fruit juice, and boil gently for 10 minutes, until clear. Stir in other ingredients. Let stand until set. Refrigerate.